He’s a little bit different or so they say,

He doesn’t see things in quite the same way,

Everyone says he’s obviously bright,

But the way he thinks just doesn’t seem right.

Away with the fairies, a little bit wrong?

He can’t seem to focus on anything for long,

If only he’d concentrate he might achieve,

He’s just being lazy or so they believe.

He’s got so much potential if only he’d see

Sitting still and listening is the key,

Fidgeting and daydreaming are not the way,

If only he’d listen to what teachers say.

But just in the tiniest mote in his eye,

Is a world where the teachers cannot spy,

Where dragons and monsters dance in his head,

And school is merely a distant dread.

Where rainbows and infinity merge into one,

Where stars and planets play tag with the sun,

Where music smells of strawberry and the light is always on,

Where boredom dies and fear is gone.

Sit up, sit still and concentrate, pick up your pen don’t shirk,

You’ll fail your tests, the teacher says, if you don’t do your work.

The boy just sighs and tries to comply,

But Infinity awaits in the corner of his eye……