Play Champions Training

“Wow – so much learned! The course has challenged my own thinking, enabled me to assess my setting and embed positive change for all our children. A truly unique course!”

Sally-Ann Price, Penguin Preschool

Play Champions –

Training Programme

The Play Champions training programme is a brand new 5 session intensive training programme designed to embed positive play firmly in the ethos and delivery of nursery, school and after-school settings; and to enable those settings to advocate for play and promote positive play in their communities.

The training takes a detailed look at the theories and neuroscience behind play and introduces a huge range of experiences that demonstrate these theories and can be used directly with the children in the setting. Crucially the course also details how to get the message across to parents and the wider community and how to encourage play in the home with an entire session dedicated to delivering a vibrant parent workshop to engage and educate local parents. The courses inspires learners to become proactive and passionate advocates for play with a firm grounding in current research.

Play Champion status is awarded to learners who successfully complete the course and deliver a follow up session for parents of children at their setting. This session can be supported by the tutor if required.

The course has been designed and adapted to meet the needs of a wide variety of settings including special schools, after-school clubs, nursery settings and child-minders and is appropriate for any agency working with children of any age and ability level.

Image of Forest Way Teaching School receiving Play Champions Award

Play Champions from Forest Way Teaching School receive their awards

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