Daisy Chain Childrens Nursery

Daisy Chain is committed to providing exemplary standards of care and education alongside challenging opportunities that collaborate the agenda of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Play is central to all that we do at Daisy Chain. Play is driven by the children’s interests, choices and individuality; with the practitioners accommodating a rich, resourceful and challenging environment. Daisy Chain prides itself on parent partnerships, we are passionate about these relationships due to the immense impact that these have upon play and consequently children’s well being.  Daisy Chain has a strong presence within the local community as we intend to extend the experiences that the children can embrace.  Positive, varied and quality experiences enthuse the self-efficacy and mental strength of children; we believe equipping them holistically to be motivated, resilient and enthused learners.

Daisy Chain have put on parent sessions delivered by Inspired Children and the level of parental engagement was awesome. A warm welcoming setting with an unshakeable commitment to play make Daisy Chain an ideal candidate for the Inspired Children Play Champion Award.