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Jazz Hands Dinosaur (Lyrics by Ben music by Boogie Mites)



Activity Sheets

All activities here are for use by settings at their own risk and we urge that you complete your own risk benefit analysis of any activity that may cause harm to a child before undertaking that activity.

Last Ninja

Crocodile Crocodile

Bottle Rockets

Fire Bread Recipes

Other Ideas for Outdoor Cookery

Activity Sheets for Settings to Share with Parents


I Clap, You Clap, We Clap

Glowing Magic Potions

Sensory Play

Story Sheets

Story sheets are short stories with gaps left for children to create their own unique version of the story. They seem to be proving popular so hopefully more will be added soon.

Story Sheets Instructions

The Mysterious Meeting

Grouping Cards

These are a fun grouping system for children. You can group by shape, colour, object or number. You can also play several games with them. There are several sets to fit your children’s interests.

Fruit Cards

Fruit Cards 2 (extra cards for larger groups)

Space Cards

Card Instructions

Other Resources

Standard letter to parents about Risk and Challenge and Messy Play etc

Dinosaur Battle Cards T-Rex and Velociraptor

Information Sheet on why Children should not have their break taken away from them

Resources from other agencies

Messy Play Booklet (published by Play Scotland)

Cane Den Handout (From a workshop delivered by Dan Rees-Jones)


What is the Point of Play - Part 1

What is the Point of Play - Part 2

What is the Point of Play Part 3

Where Play sits on the Hierarchy of Needs

Is Homework Damaging Children?

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