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Inspired Children was started in 2011 by Ben and Karen Kingston-Hughes to provide training, support and consultancy for anyone working with children of any age. We now work across the UK and Internationally, delivering unique and exceptional training for nurseries, schools, local authorities, out of school provision and for national charities. Our Play team works across the UK delivering positive play sessions for vulnerable children. We have appeared on ITV and Channel 4 and have been finalist for and winner of several national awards.

“Definitely the most informative and enjoyable training course I have ever attended.”

Ben Kingston-Hughes, the director of Inspired Children Ltd, has over 30 years experience working with children in a variety of different settings. He is the winner of the 2019 National Playwork Awards Training Award and finalist for the Nursery World Trainer of the Year in 2020. He has spoken at National, Regional and International Conferences including Nursery World and the International Play Association. He has written strategies for Local authorities and has written articles for several publications including Nursery World Magazine. His training has gained widespread acclaim for inspiring learners to improve outcomes for children and he has recently been seen on Channel 4 delivering sessions for children. Ben’s new book, “A Very Unusual Journey into Play” is available from bookshops now.

“Wonderful, inspiring, fun and informative, thank you.”

All of our trainers are passionate, knowledgeable and actually work with children. They share Inspired Children’s commitment to improving outcomes for children through inspirational delivery and innovative approaches to training.

“Training was really informative and relevant, ideas given were brilliant. Knowledgeable and experienced trainer. Invaluable course.”

Inspired Children Training is unlike any other training available. Regardless of whether online or face-to-face sessions are entertaining and thought provoking with no “death by Powerpoint” or pointless filler sections.  Each course is taught by the person who wrote that course and each trainer has extensive experience working with children. There are other good training companies out there but few, if any, can provide the rewarding training experience and inspirational delivery that are the cornerstones of every session delivered by Inspired Children. Few can match the level of practical experience and innovative approach repeatedly demonstrated by Inspired Children. Frontline workers, parents, managers, senior Local Authority Officers, Lunchtime Supervisors, teachers and Headteachers have all been inspired, challenged and have improved their practice as a direct result of training sessions and workshops delivered by Inspired.

“An amazing course that everyone who works with or has children should be made to attend.”

Inspired Children has demonstrated incredible flexibility in addressing issues specific to each setting or organisation and tailoring and adapting training to meet individual needs. Consequently each session is a unique experience unlike any training experienced before. If you don’t see what you need in the training directory Inspired Children will create training to address exactly the issues you are concerned about. Contact us to see how we can help you to improve outcomes for children and young people in your setting.

“Absolutely the most inspiring course I have ever been on. Fabulous!”

Call 0116 4030066 or email info@inspiredchildren.org.uk to see how we can inspire your staff team and improve outcomes for children.

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Business Manager

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Play Team

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Play Team

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Play Team

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Senior Training Consultant

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Play Team

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Consultant and Trainer

Ben’s book is out now

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