Feedback is recorded in the feedback section but here is a small selection of the incredible things people are saying about Inspired Children.

August 2023

Ben was absolutely fantastic, he really put me at ease and all the ideas he had for using the existing toys to create new things was incredible. The vehicle that was made from Lego and the scooter boards was amazing!

Adopter – Adoption Activity Day Cardiff

July 2023

It was absolutely fantastic, by far the best and most worthwhile training I’ve ever been on in my 30 year career working with children.  Ben was truly inspirational. It is also really lovely being a part of such a supportive team, days like this really make you feel valued as a member of staff, so thank you.

Delegate feedback form  – Paint Pots Nursery Conference July 2023

June 2023

Hi Ben,

OMG, there are no words to say how much I loved your talk on Tuesday! Thank you so so much!

The feedback from the others is also brilliant, I am so happy!

Debby Lucken, Pocodogs & KAD

May 2023

Thank you very much, the feedback from the practitioners has been amazing – we are very much looking forward to your next visit.

Ceri Pryce, Learning & Development Coordinator, Daisy Chain Day Care

April 2023

Once again, thank you so much for your training today. It was so valuable for myself as a reception teacher, and for the children in my care! Your content was brilliant and so informative.

Laura Bradley, Teacher, EYFS, Swillington Primary School

March 2023

We absolutely loved your training and it has made a tangible difference to the practice within the team. We have been singing your praises to everyone!

Thanks again, it was a brilliant day.

Georgie Trevor – Little Angels Day Nursery

February 2023

There has been a genuine buzz about your session and lots of positive conversations linked to the impact of play and perceptions of young people’s “behaviours” that are potentially linked to their needs around interaction, fun and play. It has certainly hit a chord with many of the team. I know there have been quite a few staff purchasing your book for further reading too which I think highlights how powerful your session was.

Mark Wilson, Expert Practitioner & Leadership Team. Fusion Academy

January 2023

This is the training that I wish I’d have had when I was a trainee, I can’t change the past for myself but I can change the future for the next crop of teachers and children, which is why we ensure that Ben’s training is a Part of the training we supply for all our primary trainees.

Phil Page SCITT Hub Leader - Inspiring Leaders Teacher Training.

December  2022

I am not ‘child professional’, but I was invited to attend the training as I have an interest in children’s mental health, and it was the most informative and enlightening course I have ever been on.  I have learnt so much about myself and why I react to situations in the way that I do, it certainly was a self-development course for me that has given me a lot of think about.

Andrea Brew-Smith, Business Support Manager – Virtual School, Worcestershire Children First

November  2022

Can I just thank you for your workshop on loose parts play - it was absolutely fantastic and has re-ignited my knowledge of the importance of outdoor play in particular.

Thanks again for your workshop. And also your book - it's fantastic!

Becky Belsten

October 2022

You are absolutely amazing. I love listening to you talk as it totally inspires me to be the very best I can be for the children I work with. Thank you so much

Angela Allan (Kinderly Webinar)

September 2022

I cannot thank you enough for the most amazing training day – staff are still talking about it and inspired. We have all commented on it being the best way to start the new academic year & truly some of the best training we have had!

Many, many  thanks

Lucy Thie - Nursery Manager

Little waves Community Nursery and Ashcombe Children Centre Nursery.

July 2022

I am just emailing to say how interesting I am finding the play, nurturing and curiosity course!

I've never felt so engaged and compelled to keep watching a video training course!

I am about half way and I feel like I am already implementing some of the things into my daily working life.


Stephanie Curtis

June 2022

I had a brilliant day and the staff have been so full of how much they enjoyed the sessions and how at ease they felt so I am delighted that it was so well received by so many of them. I myself have seen staff already applying your practices with the children and it has just been lovely to watch them being so enthused!

Marcus Tempest- Manager, The Home Nursery Ltd

May 2022

Dear Ben

I've be meaning to contact you all term but decided to finish reading your wonderful new book “A Very Unusual Journey into Play” first.

Firstly I wanted to say a huge thank you for your wonderful presentation at St Piran's School at the beginning of our summer term. It was totally inspiring and fun too!

Your book is incredibly interesting, helpful, witty ( you made me laugh a lot!) and definitely the way forward for a healthy society in every way possible

Thank you for being such an inspiration

Katherine Marks

April 2022

I attended your course talking about the importance of play last Wednesday. Most importantly I want to say thank you! I had very little intention of tuning in after a busy day with toddlers but I'm so glad I did. My perspective of why they do what they do has been completely transformed!

Kind Regards

Ali Hicks

I found this course enlightening, engaging and inspiring. I loved how enthusiastic you were about the course and about working with / playing with children of varying ages and children of varying behaviours and abilities. I'm sure that I shall be a better person when I play with the children at the after school club. It was truly a joy to listen to you.

Ann Venters

March 2022

Hi Ben,

Thank you so much again for your presentation this evening that has got to be the first time I've never wanted a course to end. You are amazing at what you do and an inspiration, I wish there was more genuine and caring people like you in this world.

Many thanks

Amanda Mitchell

February 2022

Hello Ben,

I have just attended your 'Power of Play' course and it was fantastic. I found it truly eye opening and I can honestly say it has been the most enlightening presentation I have watched in a long time. I really found that I got a lot from it.

I got so much from the course and I really can't wait to put it into practice when I go back into my setting tomorrow.

You really have inspired me!

Thank you so much.

Warm regards

P'trice Wood

January 2022

Thank you for another wonderful training event. I find them so inspiring, and they always make me feel as though there is hope if you know what I mean. I use all the things that you talk about with my children at school and fish fingers is a particular favourite at home as well as school. I have ordered your book and am looking forward to the next training event.

Many thanks.

Susan Watson, Teaching Assistant Lincoln Minster School

December 2021

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your session at the Virtual Summit, it went down really well with attendees on Saturday with lots of positive comments in the chat box.

Thanks again, look forward to seeing you soon in London next year

Andrea Howell

November 2021

Thank you Ben, it was great to be a part of such a wonderful training day. You are absolutely phenomenal at what you do! It was a real epiphany moment, several in fact and I feel as if I have brought so much away with me! Thank you again.

Kate Messiah

Ben that training was amazing and so inspirational thank you so much!

Aimee English, Jersey

October 2021

You so aced it today – loved the message and the clear hooks for how we teach all disadvantaged children. Staff loved it!

Gilly Patterson – Headteacher Kibworth C of E Primary School

I wanted to say thank you so much for the training last night.  As always you have been so inspirational, opening our minds up even more,  yet again, just brilliant!!

Tina Dewhurst – Club Co-ordinator

The Kids’ Club – Playwork in the Community

September 2021

I just wanted to thank you again for our training last week. Everyone is still raving about it - and changing their initial plans to get the children outside playing more often.

Gemma and all at Leedon Lower School.

I just want to say a massive thank you, I found the Amazing Brains and Bodies  course really interesting. I hope to join another of your courses a some point in the near future.

Tracey Morris, Leicestershire

August 2021

It’s safe to say the staff absolutely LOVED the day, and I’ve had lots of requests to ask you to come back (which has never happened before).

Catriona Campbell

Head of Education, East Park School, Glasgow

July 2021

You've set my neurons on fire Ben! What a great session! Thank you!

Delegate at Kinderley Webinars

Thank you for delivering the training, it was inspiring and insightful and certainly gave us all food for thought. Your passion and enthusiasm for children’s play is infectious and this came across in the training threefold and more. Thank you.

Sharon Gapper, Swyddog Cyflawnder Chwarae/Play Sufficiency Officer

June 2021

I was lucky enough to have participated in your recent webinar for Thurrock on loose parts play and was completely inspired by everything you said. You made all the information easy to understand and I could have listened to you for hours.

Sarah Hambleton-Cowell

I just wanted to send a quick email to say that I thought this session was fantastic! It has been one of the most engaging conferences I have been on and had some truly thought provoking ideas and messages. Really enjoyed it and just wanted to thank Ben for being such an engaging speaker.

Kristie Bradding, Assistant Head Teacher, Quarry Hill Academy

May 2021

I was truly inspired by your presentation at the Enfield Early Years Conference this morning, so much so that I would love to arrange for you to deliver some training at my school.

Gillian Hood, Headteacher, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School

April 2021

Thank you so much for this morning, I honestly think it is the most ever positive comments we have had for a speaker.

Sue Lamkin - Business Support Officer, School Effectiveness Team Children’s Services, Thurrock

Thank you for such a really brilliant session today!

I loved it!!!

…genuinely fun and playful and joyful…absolutely inspiring!

Andy Melbourne,  Willow Garden Day Nursery

March 2021

I would like to say a huge thank you in regard to the valuable knowledge given today.  Exceptionally poignant , you have an ability to open peoples hearts.  I really hope you return for more training . Thank you.

Lynn Chapman - Poppies Old Windsor.  

February 2021

Listening to you talk has not only blown my mind but made me think I'm not the only one who thinks like this. Also, can I please say your sense of humour was not lost on me and had me in stitches (definitely don't squeeze your children and sell their joy on the black market!). It has been an absolute pleasure to listen to you..

Best wishes and lots of joy

Sarah Morphett

Thank you for the training you delivered to the two Nursery Schools I lead. It was a powerful and uplifting way to end what had been a difficult term. Staff feedback has been really excellent and many have taken it on board and are changing and enhancing practice as a result.

I have also found the word JOY written on several of our display areas!

Rachel Gillett, Headteacher - Whitnash Nursery School

January 2021

I sat in on your training this morning (Boisterous Play) and am so pleased I did, your knowledge is amazing and I’ve had such a lot of positive feedback from people across the sectors.

Alison Goguelin

Team Manager, Government of Jersey

I absolutely loved the training, your passion for play was infectious and I am going to look for more training on your website. I am on a mission to convince our school that outdoor play is just as important as indoor time!

Kezia Cunningham

Nursery Officer, Grands Vaux School, Jersey

December 2020

I have just finished watching your training course on the power of play and I thought it was amazing! I was hooked watching it and haven’t stopped telling people about what I have learnt! Thank you so much for providing the courses you do, it was the best course I have ever done.

Fiona Martin

Thank you so much for this inspirational talk! I have enjoyed every part of it and I am looking forward to attending more webinars/courses! Please continue to advocate children's right to play and to be positive role model to teachers, therapists and parents.

With kind regards from Croatia,

Barbara Vlase Roman

November 2020

Thank you so much, that was wonderful, you had us laughing and crying. I hope we can work together again:)

Megan McPhee - Professional Learning Coordinator

The Early Childhood Development Association

Prince Edward Island  Canada

October 2020

Wow Ben I've watched 3 modules and it’s superb! Thank you!

Sue Otter Lead Early Years Consultant

Lincolnshire County Council

September 2020

Your professional insight and knowledge has really been inspiring, insightful and has enabled me to be the best Inspiring adult I can be when working with my young people.

Ben Marshall Learning Support Assistant, Dorothy Goodman School

August 2020

Thank you so much for your fabulous training back in August. I can't remember ever having such positive feedback from staff on a course or when training has caused such an excited buzz.

Fiona  Keast – Sacred Heart Catholic Academy, Loughborough

June 2020

Hi Ben,

I wanted to say thanks for providing the online behaviour training, it was very interesting not only from an educational point of view but also as a parent of a boisterous 3 year old boy. I have to say it's really helped me understand him better and approaching his behaviour has been so much easier!!! Really has made such a difference in our house 😊

Many Thanks 

Clare Holmes

May 2020

The videos are very inspiring and explain a lot of areas that we as a group need to introduce into our practice, so thank you for that.  During these times I think it is important to keep the staff motivated.  

Janet Kerry, The Ark Nottingham

April 2020

Video Training Feedback

Ben’s ‘Positive Adults, Positive Children, Positive Behaviour’ video course is a fantastic eye-opener into the instincts and natural urges that children have. His advice is easy to follow and makes complete sense! I would recommend this course to anyone.

Elysia Stears – Milton Keynes Initial Teacher Training

March 2020

I recently attended a fantastic workshop about effective communication in the Early Years at Margaret Wix School, St Albans. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the man who delivered it but he was fantastic! I was so inspired and engaged I would love to try to organise a session for our school.

S Knight, High Beeches Primary School

February 2020

Your seminar blew me away.  To sit and listen to someone as passionate about the benefits of play as I am was wonderful and I was truly inspired by the important work that you do with vulnerable children. I have bored everyone senseless about what I learnt in your session

Tracy Escreet - Delegate at Northern Learning Conference

We received 100% positive feedback from all attendees! Thank you for the montage video,  a great reminder of the wonderful session we shared.

Karen Bland – Rutland County Council  

January 2020

I attended your course today and it was the best training I’ve ever had! I’ve come away with so many ideas and techniques so would like to say thank you!

Kirsty Barrow (the Ark Oakham)

Just WOW - lots to think about. Very inspirational and knowledgeable. WOW!

Delegate at Lincolnshire SEN Conference

November 2019

Well what can I say but wow! I came to the An Inspector Calls Ofsted training on Wednesday in Lincoln and all I can say is thank you. My brain was frazzled when I came out but in a good way. It’s been a long time since I have been inspired this much from the training I've attended, and in over 20 years in childcare I have attended many training events!

Sally Milford – Manager, The Home Nursery

October 2019

Thank you so much for the training sessions last week - it was an absolutely fantastic day and was enjoyed by everyone present.  We particularly want to thank you for being so willing and enthusiastic about training such a large group at once - sorry if we broke your voice!

Rachel Roberts - Learning Community 2 Administrator

September 2019

A great day and a brilliant start to the year. Such important content and inspiring delivery from someone who speaks from the heart and from years of hands-on experience.

Sarah Laundy - Headteacher, Southcott Primary

August 2019

Thank you Ben, it was great to be a part of such a wonderful training day. You are absolutely phenomenal at what you do! It was a real epiphany moment, several in fact and I feel as if I have brought so much away with me! Thank you again,

Kate Messiah, Love 2 Learn Leicester.

July 2019

Thank you so much for today’s session for Family Action in Peterborough. Our pre- school staff came out buzzing with enthusiasm and ideas for ways in which they can all be super heroes and help the small children in our care and offer the essential support to help counteract the work of monsters!

Karen Woodcock, Early Years Manager - Family Action Children and Family Centre, Hampton Hargate, Peterborough

June 2019

Many thanks for Friday - you really were inspirational. The feedback at work on Monday was really positive, with staff raring to go (which does not usually happen at this time of year.)

Sara George, HeadTeacher - Stonebroom Primary School, Derbyshire

May 2019

Your presentation was extremely well received and added so much to the day. The feedback we have had has been very positive and I think we can safely say that the conference was a success.  I found your presentation inspirational!

Felicity Evans, Virtual School Head - Hertfordshire

April 2019

The session completely exceeded my expectations, with the staff both highly engaged in the activities and deeply receptive to the rationales underpinning the importance of play. The very next day we had one class out den building and other having a superhero day! It was, without a doubt, one of the most popular and inspirational training session we have held for a long time

Leigh Aitken, Assistant Head – Springcommon School, Cambridge

March 2019

I came to one of your sessions at Cressex Day Nursery in High Wycombe recently and found your training utterly inspiring. It really opened my eyes and  I found it really engaging and relevant.

Amy Louise Taylor – Cressex Day Nursery

February 2019

The training was fantastic, our staff thoroughly enjoyed it and were talking about it all lunchtime and telling others in school too.

I will certainly be recommending the training to other schools and will also be looking through your directory for other CPD opportunities for us.

Beck Preece- Deputy Head, Woodfield Infant School, Shrewsbury

January 2019

I think everyone should be trained by Inspired Children – The world would be a happier place. Thank you!

G Roberts – Little Chalfont Primary School

December 2018

The best training session I've been on in 15 years. I highly recommend this to anyone! The neuroscience is fascinating.

Loved it!

Melissa Pearson - Active Maths Training Warwickshire

November 2018

I am just writing to thank you for your lecture today, I found it incredibly interesting. I agree with the points you made and could feel myself having those little light bulb moments.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being a breath of fresh air in a very stressful, and at times frustrating, career.

Kayte Denscomber - ITT Teacher Training Northamptonshire

October 2018

What a fabulous talk from Ben Kingston-Hughes on Saturday. Thank you so much Ben, I left Hatfield feeling inspired...and having lived there, that's not a phrase I ever thought I'd say! It is always my priority to make sure I do my best to help the next generation of kids coming through preschool. I now feel better prepared to do this than ever 🙂

Emma Brough – Herts PSLA

September 2018

Thank you Ben, it was a privilege to have you here with us. SO much brilliant feedback for your session – I will be in touch to book some more.

 Kristian Hewitt Headteacher - Mary Bassett Lower School

June 2018

I just wanted to say how amazing I found your training the other day in Lincoln,

I came away feeling really inspired and I have had loads of ideas for my own work, so I guess I just wanted to say thank you and that you’re doing an amazing job

Sayde Lea – Lincolnshire Pre-School Alliance Member

May 2018

THANKYOU for an absolutely "inspired adult" moment at the vulnerable children training session at  the LCC Brite centre on Wednesday. I literally haven’t stopped chewing peoples ears off waffling on about the information and examples you gave...truly cemented everything i ever aspired to promote within my work with children...loved it!

Nikki Chippendale – Manager Playdays Academy

April 2018

Thank you for delivering such a fabulous training session on Saturday. The parents and staff thoroughly enjoyed it!

Bev Coltman - Manager Beaver Childcare Leicestershire

February 2018

I cannot put into words how amazing the training that you delivered on Friday was, my team were most definitely inspired and I felt that we came together as a team! One member of staff who was apprehensive about the training told me that she loved the way that you demonstrated the way in which characteristics of effective learning can be embedded further! (I never thought I would see her dressed as a superhero!)

Natalie Smyth, EYFS Lead – West Grantham Academy – St Johns

January 2018

Thank you very much for running the sessions for us last week. Learners all said that your training was fantastic, very useful and very relevant.  Our Child and Family Support Worker, said that it was brilliant and used some of your tips and strategies with the next child that she saw.

Rachel Roberts LC2 Administrator, Bedfordshire

December 2017

“I can honestly say that was one of the best training sessions I've ever had. Everyone in the team absolutely loved it and it was a perfect way to end the year for the staff.”

Pete Corkhill,Registered Manager,Crocus Fields, Nottingham

November 2017

 “It was perfect. Everyone had such an amazing day. We have all enjoyed teaching so much more since this. It is like we've had therapy!!”

Katie Dickson - Our Lady's Academy, Bullwell

October 2017

"Amazing Course. Thank you!"

Kelly Job - Booker Park School - Buckinghamshire

“Lots of new ideas. Greater understanding of this area of play and how children display certain types of play. One of the best courses I have been on!”

Kirstie Scott – St Mary’s Preschool, Chesham.

September 2017

Excellent Session, easy to listen to. Lots of food for thought and good insight and motivation to encourage and support play

Matt & Sarah-Anne Thompson - Nurture Me Day Nursery, Lutterworth

July 2017

So, so valuable. I adopted my sons a year ago and so much of this course was hugely valuable. I just want more!

Bethan Jordan - Parents Play project

June 2017

Well worth the time. Inspiring, educational and fun. Tutor was outstanding which made it all the more fun.

Katie Newton - Hind Leys Preschool and Natural Play Centre

May 2017

Life changing information brilliantly presented. Thank you!

Hope Buzza - Parent Leicestershire

April 2017

4th course with Inspired Children - brilliant as always! Brought a

colleague with me today and she thoroughly enjoyed the

course and commented that she could see why I return

to school so motivated each time.

Deborah Jervis – Hamilton Academy

March 2017

The tutor was truly amazing! He brought joy, laughter and so much confidence. Truly unique – Thank you!

Lucy Gillett - Buckinghamshire

February 2017

I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing course you led! It is genuinely the most inspiring training I have done and was definitely worth the Saturday sacrifice! Thank you so much!

Christina Hurdman – Early Years Professional -Derbyshire

January 2017

 Wow! Can’t wait to go back into class and put this into practice. I’ve never been to a course I’ve enjoyed this much! It was practical and we were provided with so many brilliant ideas and games to use. Every teacher should go on this training!!

Alec Waldeck – Lent Rise School, Buckinghamshire

September 2016

Thank you for providing such a fantastic course!  The course was very informative, motivating and awe inspiring.  I am now in the process of writing up my notes I took, so along with your handouts I can relay the information back to my setting so we can put everything into practice.  The course left me wanting to delve deeper into the topics you covered as I found it so fascinating so am currently researching the links you gave us.

Sonia Blackhurst  (Caterpillar pre-school)

July 2016

I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Sally and myself for the superb SEF training from yourself and Katy. The feedback from the session was extremely positive. I visited a setting today and the manager and her team were enthusiastically updating their SEF.

Thank you once again to both of you.

Karen Bland - Rutland County Council

June 2016

I just want to thank you for the fantastic workshop, that you delivered on Saturday in Syston . I had lost my inspiration , and now I feel as though I have found it again . 

Charlotte Booth, Early Years - Syston

May 2016

The training you delivered for us was  so very unusual and magical. From where I was sitting I could see the reaction of our practitioners and they loved every moment. You have made a great difference,  added  positivity and demonstrated so well the benefits of being a glass half full practitioner.

Shetha Haider - Buckinghamshire Learning Trust

April 2016

A pleasure to attend. Very interactive and very real. Great real life examples, can easily apply ideas at school rather than overly ambitious ideas. Excellent.

Rebecca Wheeler, Blisworth Primary School Northampton.

How children see us April 2016

February 2016

“Fantastic training. Really good that the trainer works with children and made the day more interesting by playing”

Megan Fovargue, Ashby Day Nursery

December 2015

I wanted to say thanks for making what should have a been a long and dull training day interesting, fun and informative. It's easy to make training about play and exploring exciting, but making Observations and Assessment training interesting takes real skill.
(Sally Price, Early Years Worker NWL)

November 2015

Thank you so much for the course on Saturday, so enthusiastic and inspiring, I went home bursting with ideas to implement into my setting. The whole day flew by, I was shocked when it finished. I can't wait to go on another of your courses.

(Heidi Kirkland, Outdoor Play Course, Lutterworth)

October 2015

Thank you for a fabulous training course at the William Cecil! It was great fun!

(Kelly Feetham, Risk and Challenge Training, Stamford)

September 2015

“Fab” Thank you. It was lovely for a trainer to be as silly as we are and obviously having a great time teaching.

(Rosalyn Hatherly, Magical Imaginative Play, Asfordby Preschool)

July 2015

The course made us celebrate words and how important they are, from baby sounds to silly words, rhyming and poetry. Loads of ideas to take back to the setting. Truly inspiring training that makes me feel like I have regained my joy of words!

(Jane  Clay, Play on Words Training, Nottingham)

June 2015

I found the training one of the most interesting I have ever attended. It gave me ideas not just for the setting but for usewith my own children. Excellent.

(Sarah Southgate, Positive Behaviour, Melton)

May 2015

It was such a privilege to meet with you & attend your training today, I enjoyed every minute of it....thank you!

(Mel Rylatt, Manager/ Owner Play Days Nursery)

April 2015

Thank you for a fabulous and "inspiring" training day yesterday....I didn't expect to enjoy a day training for assessment and planning!

(Fiona Barber)

March 2015

I just wanted to thank you for running the course yesterday.  Everyone said it was the best course they had been on and put what they had learnt into practice that very lunch time, marvelling at how it actually worked!

(Victoria Charlton, Office Manager St Joseph’s Primary)

November 2014

“A huge thank you for our training session last night!

Not only did everyone thoroughly enjoy the evening, but they are still buzzing this morning. Lots of ideas are being bounced around.”

(Kim Forbes, Hedgehog Hill, Northampton)

October 2014

“The training was excellent. A great mix of practical examples and theory which left the playworkers looking forward to work the next week and asking themselves important questions about children’s play. You’ll be pleased to hear that the staff continued the enthusiasm for play after your training, I saw adventures into outer space and on the pirate seas using only cardboard and their imaginations!  Just what we wanted!”

(Kevin Stinton, Playschemes Coordinator, Cambridge University)

August 2014

“Great ideas for activities and excellent breakdown of why play is so important. Perfect balance of listening and being active.”

(Gemma Wilson, Luton - Making Play Better)

July 2014

“Perfect training session, loved every minute of it.”

(Catherine Poynter – Childminder Wigston)

June 2014

“Very inspiring, active learning at its very best. Many Thanks”

(Viki Thomas, Marston, Lincolnshire)

May 2014

“This has been the best course I’ve ever done – Tutor is awesome!”

(Sandra Walker, Thomas’s Kindergarten, Battersea)

April 2014

 “So inspiring and engaging, a good balance between knowledge/research and ideas to take back to school. Thank you.”

(Clare Dyer Broom Leys School)

March 2014

“Brilliant course. One of the best I’ve ever been on. The trainer was so enthusiastic.”

(Susan Veitch, Community Centre Playgroup.)

January 2014

Best motivational course I have been on!”

(Emma Hill, Poplars Group)


“Brilliant, realistic and informative.”

 (Sharon Simmonds, Wymondham Preschool.)

September 2013

“Very enjoyable. I could see how passionate the trainer was. All interesting and brilliantly delivered by trainer.”

(Danni Turner – King Edward Day Nursery)

“It has made me look into my job role and has helped me realise that I can do such a lot more than what I already do.”

(Sadie Reynolds, Limetree Day Nursery)

“Amazingly enthusiastic, chose course because of the trainer and always feel inspired when finished.”

(Amy Harding Lime Tree Day Nursery)

July 2013

Excellent! Tutor is so passionate about what he does and this comes across so well.”

(Rebecca Harrison, Clubs Complete, Coalville)

“The course was brilliant! Best Course. The tutor is brilliant. If there were more trainers like him courses would be full.”

(Amina Ibrahim, Manager, Kiddy Kapers Day care)

June 2013

“Fantastic enthusiasm, really drives me to keep introducing new ideas into my setting.”

 (Michelle Spencer, Oak Treehouse Nursery)

May 2013

“Great training. Enthusiastic and well delivered. Hands on, first hand experience of what children feel whilst playing.” (Rachel Dashi, Deputy, Thorpe Acre Playgroup.)

April 2013

“Ben is an absolutely brilliant tutor. On the two courses I have been on of his I have learnt so much.”

(Christie Pickering- Lilliput Montessori nursery)

March 2013

“Absolutely the most inspiring course I have ever been on. Fabulous.”

(Kerry Forbes – Caterpillar Pre-school)

“Fantastic enthusiastic trainer . A lot more dynamic than the usual trainers which is really refreshing.”

(Claire Oliver – Best Start Nursery)

February 2013

“Really well presented, good fun. Best course I’ve been on”

(Nick Allen, Little Stars Preschool, Hinckley)

“This was great Training. The tutor was lovely and made it so much fun”

(Jasleen Boyal, Lilliput Montessori Nursery,Anstey)

January 2013

“Loved it - was really fun and inspiring - got the creative juices flowing. I will be looking forward to further training.”

(Jenna Neal, Shepshed High School)

December 2012

“Brilliant Training, best I’ve ever been on. Tutor was great!”

(Leanne Kuzmicz, Playworker, Melton Mowbray)

November 2012

“Great Course, great tutor, very enjoyable.”

(Danielle Goodacre, Nursery Worker Leicestershire)

“Great Course, best yet in 9years ”

(Kirsty Wigby – Nursery Worker, Leicestershire)

“Absolutely fab course, made fun, exciting and hands on. Tutor was fab and motivated all.”

(Jo Mugglestone – Nanny, Leicestershire)

October 2012

“Be inspired. Be very inspired. Smiles and laughter from children and staff. Proof positive that Ben’s training works. (David Godfrey - Headteacher, Highgate Primary  School)

“One of the best courses I’ve been on. Very inspiring. Fun and relaxed. Can’t wait to try in own setting.”

(Nicola McInnes - Early Years Worker, Lincoln)

“Best Course Ever!”

(Anita Hassal - Early Years Worker Lincoln)

September 2012

“Great session. Very informative, lots of great ideas. “hands on” providing an opportunity to be children again and view life and play from their perspective.”

(Pat Sills - Headteacher, Vernon Lodge School, Staffordshire)

“Brilliant course – very honest and fun. Loved working together to  make massive creations. Learnt lots about how to actually build the structures. Thank you very much ”

(Jade Parkes - Nursery Worker, Lincolnshire)

August 2012

We loved the way the activities brought all seven  families together, everyone was joining in and having such fun. Trips out together to parks and theme parks just don't do that!

(Lorraine Wallis Research & Development Worker

Coram Adoption East Midlands)

July 2012

I can’t wait to get back to work and try this stuff, and that’s the first time I’ve ever said that after a training course!

(Learner - Risk Challenge & Boisterous Play, Lincolnshire)

The whole course has been an enlightenment. I now understand how important my job is within the school and what great changes can be made to enhance a child’s life.

(Carolyn Altuntas - Ravenshead Primary School)

June 2012

This course was very enjoyable and the teacher was very inspiring and enthusiastic.

(Marie Evans – Playworker Leicestershire)

Wonderful tutor- Extremely knowledgeable !

(Samantha Hayes  - Nursery Nurse, Hunny Pot Day Nursery)

May 2012

Fantastic course – one of the best! Thank you!

(Jo Mugglestone – Nanny, Charnwood)

Trainer was excellent. Has really inspired me to help all children I look after as well as my own. Thank you.

(Alison Lancaster – Child Minder, Hinckley)

What an amazing course, enjoyed every part of it.

Enjoyed playing as a “child” again!

(Nicola Gullet - Head Midday Supervisor - Nottinghamshire - Blidworth Oaks Primary School)

April 2012

Did what it said on the box, “Inspired” me!

 (Jayne Pearce - Childcare Development Officer Leicestershire County Council)

Perfect balance of practical and theory for play settings - I wish  we could make it compulsory!

 (Helen Lowe - Childcare Development Officer Leicestershire County Council)

March 2012

Brilliant Morning, inspiring, can’t wait to put it into practice. (Karen Hebb – Kettleby Primary School)

One of the best courses I have done

(Annabelle Lucas – Playgroup Leader)

February 2012

Excellent again. Inspiring as always. Thanks

Reuben Francis - Adventure Playground Manager, Wisbech

Fantastic Trainer – very inspiring

J Theobald Rushby - Playgroup Worker, Leicestershire

Great Tutor made it worth every second.

Simon Grant - Playworker, Manorfield Children’s Club

January 2012

Brilliant morning, informative, enjoyable. Great tutor  

Sharon Simmons - Preschool Worker, Leicestershire

Absolutely Inspirational!

Manager Out of School Club, Leicestershire

December 2011

Really interesting. Great ideas to take away and use immediately.

Hannah Bailey - Youth Worker, Nottingham

Just wish it could go on  longer

Jules O’Donnell - Playworker, Nottingham

November 2011

What an inspiration! I can only hope that more people are able to access this training and remember the joy, thrill and holistic importance of play. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to remember and indulge the child within so that I may better serve those I work with.

Beth Hemus - Under 5’s worker, Nottingham

Best training I’ve done for years - really enjoyed the day

Reuben Williams - Youth Worker, Nottingham

October 2011

Tutor was lively, entertaining and informative - definitely Inspired Training!

Teacher - Abbey Primary School

A fantastic day with lots of fun. I really enjoyed it and learnt so much

Playworker - Leicestershire County Council

September 2011

Fantastic - so inspired

Juliet O’Donnel - Playworker

Extremely Useful training. Also saw Ben work with children this summer, felt very inspired.

Claire Thacker - Parent


A great session! Inspiring ways to involve all children in outdoor play

Sonal Chauhan - Teacher

August 2011

Great fun day again – coming away with lots of ideas and inspiration for how I can encourage commissioned providers to improve /develop the quality of their sessions.

Bronwen Barradell -Extended Services Coordinator

I think this has been an amazing course that everyone who works with or has children should be made to attend

Emma Statham - Supporting Families Manager

July 2011

Thank you so much for all your hard work, dedication, enthusiasm and genius. Your work has totally changed playtimes at our school. Injuries and squabbles have decreased dramatically and children return to school in the afternoon, refreshed, inspired and enthusiastic. So Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gillly Patterson - Deputy head, Kibworth Primary School

Definitely the most informative and enjoyable training course I have ever attended. Ben’s enthusiasm is infectious.

Sean Bothwell - Lunchtime Supervisor and TA,

Kibworth Primary School

June 2011

Tutor spoke to us as if we had a brain and treated us as adults that mattered in the scheme of things.

G Hebborn Lunchtime Supervisor, Kibworth Primary School

Course was fantastic, very interesting and put together in fantastic ways. The activities have given me ideas for my setting that I would not have thought about.

Michelle Spencer - Playworker

(Playing out and Playing Wild Training)

Training was really informative and relevant, ideas given were brilliant. Knowledgeable and experienced trainer. Invaluable course.

Anonymous (Children first - Participation and

Effective Consultation)

May  2011

“(Tutor) was truly inspirational . The course made me think of other’s thoughts and feelings. Good strategy tactics.”

Kim Hall - Children’s Centre Officer (Motivation Training)

“Excellent mixture of fun and theory - (Tutor) is very knowledgeable and knows how to engage with participants. Very approachable and added humour and his own experiences. Would recommend to anyone.”

Sally Grieff - Children’s Centre Manager (Motivation Training)

April 2011

“Enjoyable from Start to Finish!”

Angela Bexton  - Playworker (Introductory Play Training)

“It was an outstanding experience.”

Nigam Mallhi - Local resident (Confidence Building Session)

“The session was brilliant and a real laugh.”

Sam Freakley - Local resident (Confidence Building Session )

For more feedback click here



This year is already shaping up to be a big year for Inspired Children. Ben is appearing at the Nursery World Show in February and the Childcare Expo in March. His second book is nearly finished and due to be published at the end of the year. He is presenting at numerous other regional conferences and even a couple of international ones in the pipeline.  In addition, our senior trainer Diana is going from strength to strength, delivering master classes on Attachment and Self Regulation across the UK and designing frameworks for level 5 and 6 qualifications for the industry. Our Playteam are delivering the most amazing sessions for children and our work with Adoption Activity days is now in its 11th year! We also have a very unique badminton project in the pipeline so watch this space! All in all 2023 is looking busy, boisterous and bright!

Jazz Hands Dinosaur

Ben has written a children’s song in partnership with Boogie Mites. The song is free to download and is about a dinosaur who dances through the jungle without a care in the world. The song came about by accident during a collaborative training session on the power of music for children. Click the picuture to hear the song!

September 2022

After our annual August break September is unbelievably busy and I have also been spending time writing the new book all about Joy. (More on this soon) I have been working with lots of familiar faces some of whom have been having training with me for years and also some new settings experiencing our training for the first time. Skipping into the new term!


July 2022

Its Playwork time. I do a lot of work with early years settings and schools but I am also passionate about Playwork and love teaching this unique discipline. The best thing about Playwork is that Play is the primary focus, one job, one purpose and one chance at an amazing childhood. Over the summer I have been delivering training for Playworkers in Cambridge, Kent and Oxfordshire and also got to join our play team delivering good old fashioned Play for children on Holiday Playschemes. Giant Robot anyone?

June 2022

Conferences galore! Ben is speaking at multiple conferences across the UK including a panel discussion with the gregarious Greg Bottrill, the tremendous Tamsin Grimmer and the splendid  Shaddai Tembo.

April 2022

It’s finally here! 30 years in making Ben’s book about Play is out now! Drawing upon his experiences of working with vulnerable children and unpicking the neuroscience of Play in an accessible and entertaining style this book is the go to book for anyone wanting to gain a deeper insight into the wonderful world of play.

March 2022

We currently experiencing our busiest time ever with Ben and the team all over the UK getting back to face-to-face sessions. The online content has not slackened off though and we are still delivering loads of online training too. It is really nice to be back to actual conferences and meeting so many new people.

December 2021

November 2021

Childcare and Education Virtual Summit

I will be delivering a seminar for the Childcare and Education virtual summit on 27th November. To book tickets click here

October 2021

Face-to-Face sessions and Covid

On the advice of GP’s and regardless of national guidelines we will still be maintaining social distancing on our face-to-face training to protect the settings that we visit. All of our trainers will wear masks on entry and in public areas. They will remove masks for training but only if sufficiently distanced from learners. We will remove masks for outdoor sessions unless otherwise requested by the setting.  

September 2021

Inset Days Galore!

Every September is incredibly busy as we try to cram as many inset days as possible into our timetable. This year with a combination of online and face-face sessions plus new staff joining the team we were able to deliver more than ever before. If you want an inset day from Ben and the team get them booked early as these days book up very fast!

August 2021

The Book is Finished!

Final draft of Ben’s new book on Play has been sent to the publishers and they are over the moon with it! It won’t be published until 2022 but what an amazing journey it was to write. In fact that is reflected in the new title, “A Very Unusual Journey into Play.” Look out for the draft cover design coming soon!

April 2021

Brand New Video Courses

Our pre-recorded videos have proved so unbelievably popular that we are still being asked to produce more. We have two new courses that you can complete in your own time and at your own pace on a variety of electronic devices.

Mathtastic Maths in the Early Years

Exhilarating Play Essential Risk and Challenge


March 2021

Online Keynote Speeches a huge success!

We have been really privileged to be able to speak at a number of online conferences both in the UK and internationally and the distance and technology have not been a barrier to some amazing conferences. In fact several delegates have said they were the best conferences they had ever attended even though they were still at home!

February 2021

Brand new parent sessions in Nottingham!

Project Play is starting up in Nottingham this month. This is a fantastic project supporting parents and children to play more. Ben will be delivering free online sessions for parents over the next few months. The project is delivered in partnership with the amazing SSBC.

December 2020

OMG another award! At the end of a challenging year we are so fortunate to be recognised with not one but two national awards. This time it is the Play Team’s turn as we are finalists for a Children and Young People Now award for our work with vulnerable children

November 2020

Nursery World Award Finalist!

Ben Kingston-Hughes, the founder and managing Director of Inspired Children has been short-listed for the Nursery World Trainer of the Year Award. This is fantastic news in challenging times. The winners are not announced until February but winner or runner up this is a real honour.


Online Training Live from the Shed!

We are now delivering training live from the Inspired Children Shed! Live interactive Zoom sessions are proving really popular and we have already delivered……

Neuroscience of Play

Positive Behaviour

Risk and challenge

Awe and Wonder

Communication and Language

Play, Nurturing and Curiosity

Imagination and Creativity

Superhero Play

Essential Physical Development

Parent Play session

All of these sessions are currently discounted and only £325 per course

Contact us for details!

I have also developed a brand new online only course based around some exciting new neuroscience I have been researching over lockdown.

Compassion and Joy – The Neuroscience of Recovery

This thought-provoking online course looks at how negative experiences change the fundamental structure of the brain. The course examines how we can help our children overcome those negative experiences, create neural networks for positivity, and thrive. The course also introduces stunning new research on the neurological development of empathy and shows how we can help children not just feel safe but be more aware of the feelings of others. This is a ground-breaking new course showing a unique picture of the child’s brain and giving practical advice on how we can create the optimum neurological conditions for emotional well-being and recovery.



We are now back to delivering live, social distanced training. It has been so good to work with real people again and the training has been a real success. See our training page for our social distancing procedures. ALL training is currently discounted so this is an ideal time to raise your team’s morale and get some high quality CPD. If you are not quite ready for live training remember our highly successful video training courses are still on offer.

Loud and Proud - Play Champions

We have been meaning to do this for a while now but  we have finally created our awesome new Play Champions T-shirt. Our staff will be issued with the T-Shirt  but we are also happy to do another order if anyone other budding Play Champions wish to purchase.  Email us if you want one for yourself!

New Online Video Training

Feeling Safe in an Unsafe World – (Supporting Children back to School or Nursery after Lockdown)

We have had several requests for this training so we have created a new course to help settings rethink and re-evaluate their practice to make sure children get the best possible start when they return to School, Nursery or After-school settings.

The course looks at children’s different experiences of the Covid19 crisis and how those experiences will have shaped the fundamental structure of their brains to directly affect their development and behaviour.  We also examine why more traditional behaviour methods simply don’t work when it comes to supporting positive behaviour especially during and after a time of crisis. The course highlights what is truly important for children’s well-being and how we need to focus on emotional well-being first and foremost if we want children to thrive.

The course is suitable for agencies working with all ages of children.

Online Course –

Group License (Up to 50 learners) £350

Individual License (per person) £45

Online Video training packages

We are now offering 7 video training packages which can be remotely accessed from the setting, home or even in isolation. These cost only £200 each and can be used to train an entire setting just as if our trainer was visiting the setting in person.

1) The Power of Play to Transform Children’s Lives - £250

2) Positive Behaviour, Positive Adults, Positive Children - £250

3) Awe, Wonder and Cultural Capital - £250

4) Communication and Language - £250

5) Loose Parts Play, Creativity and Critical Thinking - £250

6) Taster Package - Modules from all 5 courses - £250

7) Feeling Safe in an Unsafe World - £350

The training package includes certificates for your CPD folder and after course support by phone.

Click here for more information

Free phone support - We are not alone

This is a difficult time but we are all in this together. Sometimes having someone to talk to can help enormously. Please consider this an open invitation to call us for a chat about anything. Sometimes having an outside perspective can help or even just a friendly person willing to listen.

Article published in Nursery World Magazine

Ben Kingston-Hughes’ article on “Loose Parts Play” has been published in Nursery World. This  has led to a huge increase in demand for our Loose Parts Play Training. Check it out! For other interesting articles click the link above

Countdown to Nursery World Conference 2020

SEMINAR IS NOW SOLD OUT (new dates to be announced soon)

Ben Kingston-Hughes managing Director of Inspired Children has been asked to speak at the Nursery World Conference in February. The subject is very close to his heart “Loose Parts Play!” He will be focusing not on resources but on the wonderful human interactions that are the cornerstone of Loose Parts Play theory and linking it to some stunning new genetics and neuroscience theory that is nothing short of mind-blowing. Save the Date - February 7th in London!

Neuroscience of Play Master Classes

We have recently been very fortunate to be able to deliver 2 intensive courses on the Neuroscience of Play. One in Cambridge and a two day course in Bristol. Both had group of fantastic enthusiastic learners who were blown away by the new research and links to existing theory. We are putting this course on again in Bristol in the new year for anyone who missed it! Contact us if you would like this course in your area.

Busiest Time Ever!

September and October 2019 are officially our busiest months ever. The whole team were out and about working all over the UK delivering a wide range of children’s sessions and inspirational training days. In changeable economic climate we could not be more grateful for the continued support of so many different agencies and settings.

New Articles

We have just published a new article about the dangers of homework in primary school. Click on the link above and if you agree with the article please share…..


Ben Kingston-Hughes  has just delivered a keynote speech at the Boys Learning Event in Manchester. The whole day was fantastic with many delegates saying it was the best conference they had ever attended.

May 2019

New training courses

We recently won a Leicestershire County Council tender to develop and deliver two new training courses on working with ADHD and working with ASD. We are very excited about this training and it has already proved to be extremely popular. I think learners appreciate the real life examples and common sense (rather than clinical) approach to working with some of the most amazing children. It also helps that two of our trainers actually have diagnoses of ADHD and so have been in a unique position to develop and deliver this ground breaking new training.

 March 2019


Ben Kingston-Hughes (Managing Director of Inspired Children) has won the prestigious National Play Work Awards Training Award for 2019. This is a huge honour and is a testament to all the agencies and individuals who have supported and endorsed our unique training over the last 8 years.

Officially Amazing!

We are really pleased to announce that we have been short-listed for another award! Ben Kingston-Hughes (Managing Director of Inspired Children) is a finalist for the prestigious National Playwork Awards for Trainer of the Year!

January 2019

What a great start to the new year with our first Play Champion Setting of 2019. Cressex Day Nursery are very deserving recipients of the Inspired Children Play Champion Award having hosted staff and parent training sessions over the last few months and demonstrating their ongoing commitment to play!

December 2018

Once again our most successful year yet!

What an incredible year and what a fantastic bunch of people we have met. Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for making us feel so welcome where ever we have travelled!

September 2018

Inset days galore as we tried to cram as many schools and nurseries as possible into those precious few days at the end of the summer break. I taught in a yurt for the first time at an after school club inset day and then did a two in one day driving between Mary Bassett Primary School in the morning and then straight to Dovery Downs in the afternoon. Luckily they are very close to each other and were both amazing.

July 2018

Welcome back to the 5 Pits Cluster Training Event

We were really pleased to be asked back to the Training Event this year. Working with Foundation up to secondary teachers we looked at the neuroscience of creativity and how to inspire it in our children. I’m not sure about the children but the teaching staff were brimming with creativity and imagination. What an amazing group of teachers….

April 2018

4 settings have recently credited our training as a key component in their Ofsted success. This is fantastic news for the settings but also really makes what we are doing feel worthwhile. We never set out to help settings prepare for Ofsted but to be the best they can be for their children. It is really encouraging that Ofsted are recognising that ethos in the settings we work with.

February 2018

This February we delivered a full day conference in Derby on the Neuroscience of the characteristics of effective learning. From keynote speech to practical experiences we delivered a whole day of neuroscience and fun to a group of enthusiastic delegates.

Check out our conferences page to see how we can help make your conference a success.

January 2018

Happy New Year!

New year means Inset days, conferences and loads of new training. We have appointed a new trainer and written no less than 3 new training courses. We also kick start the new year with some fantastic sessions working with vulnerable children. Already this early in the year we have met some amazing learners with just the right amount of silliness, enthusiasm  and dedication to imporving outcomes for children.

December 2017

Inspired Children on Channel 4

This December we appeared in a two part documentary called “Finding Me a Family”. The Inspired Playteam regularly works on Adoption Activity Days and it was fantastic to see us on TV working with these amazing children. Well done to the whole team for their invaluable work.

October 2017

Month of Maths

We have  delivered a huge range of courses this month with several of them being Maths courses. First we delivered an imaginative maths workshop at a conference for Forest Way Teaching School Alliance. We then developed a brand new full day Maths in Early Years course for Leicestershire County Council which proved really successful. We also presented a maths afternoon at Harrington training nursery in Derby where we trialled some new maths video resources that we have developed (they will be available to download soon!) And finally we  delivered our first course in Warwickshire which was our highly popular Active Maths half day course. Contact us if you want any of these courses delivered in-house!

Maths in Early Years - not your ordinary maths course!

June 2017

Ofsted Success!

The Hollies Day Nursery in Nottingham have just received Outstanding in their latest Ofsted Inspection. The Nursery has had several in-house training courses from Inspired Children and the training has made such an impact that is was mentioned in the actual Ofsted Report as an example of Outstanding Staff development. A well deserved result for a truly fantastic nursery and especially nice for Inspired Children to have a training course mentioned.

Heroes and Monsters Training with staff and parents mentioned in Outstanding Ofsted Report

May 2017

Play Champions receive their medals!

Cohort 2 of the NWL Play Champions Course have just received their awards at a celebration event at Forest Way School. I couldn’t be prouder of them for all their hard work on the course. The course is a 5 session intensive play course that covers the latest theories and research on play and how we can promote play in our local community. Well done Play Champions!

April 2017

Conferences Taking Off

We are being asked to deliver more and more keynote speeches and workshops at conferences across the UK. To reflect this we have updated the website to include some of the amazing conferences we have supported. Check out the new conference section.


March 2017

Taking Buckinghamshire by Storm!

We had the best month of training ever in Buckinghamshire in March. We delivered Risk and Challenge, Transient Art, Magical Outdoor Play, Six Impossible Things, Working with Boys and Imaginative Play all for the awesome Bucks Learning Trust.  The feedback was incredible and I genuinely believe we achieved something truly unique in the county. We also did 3  full days of in-house training at Nurseries in  again with amazing feedback.

February 2017

A late Happy new year to you all! We really hit the ground running in January with officially our busiest month ever. There were inset days and conferences and a whole range of training events as well as the start of the latest round in the fantastic Parents Play Project in Leicestershire.  One high point was the Forest Way Teaching Assistant conference which many delegates said was the best conference they had ever attended.

November 2016

Playful Brains - The Neuroscience of Play. Inspired children joined up with neuroscience specialists CLADAC to deliver a fascinating conference in Nottingham this month. The feedback was incredible and we are looking forward to working with CLADAC again in the future. Actually we have already been booked to co-deliver an inset day in February for a Special School in Nottingham so hopefully this is the start of many exciting events.  

September 2016

New term the Inspired Children way!

New school term can mean only one thing. Inset Days! We have been delivering training days at some fantastic schools getting staff teams enthused and inspired ready for the new term. Standen’s Barn Primary in Northampton has got to be one of the best schools I have ever visited with a truly enthusiastic staff team.

June 2016

New courses

Brand new courses for this year have been incredibly successful in June. We have just piloted our new Advanced Child Development Course in Leicestershire. The course is an intensive day detailing some of the latest research and some fab new activities. We also had a great time delivering our new SEF training in Rutland and Lincolnshire and have been busy delivering my favourite new course “Joy, Wonder and Curiosity” across the UK.

May 2016

Inspiring Conferences

The last couple of months have seen some amazing conferences. Inspired children have been very fortunate to be delivering keynote speeches and workshops at some really great conferences. There is something about delivering a keynote to 200  enthusiastic and passionate childcare workers  that makes it a truly rewarding experience. We have delivered keynotes and workshops in Wembley x2, Doncaster, Leicestershire x2, Northamptonshire, Nottingham,  South Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

February 2016

Brand New Training Courses!

It’s been a while since we released a new service directory as things have been so busy but we have finally uploaded all the new courses for 2016. All the old favourites are still there but many have been updated with new activities and research. In addition there are some really exciting new courses on offer . We are now offering procedural based courses such as Observation Assessment and Planning and SEF training which we still manage to make fun and practical and now have even more of the inspirational courses for which we have become well known. I am particularly proud of my new course about Joy, Wonder and Curiosity which is a fantastic look at how these often overlooked ideas are so important to children.

October 2015

Play Champions are go!

Inspired Children are leading an exciting new project for Forest Way Teaching Alliance. The aim is to train up early years workers to be regional Play Champions to support children’s rights to play and help spread the word about the benefits of play. We kicked off with a conference to introduce the project and had a whole day of messing about whilst learning the genuine benefits of play and the risks of play deprivation. Inspired Children’s Ben provided both keynote speech and workshops for the conference and then closed the event with a section on Play Champions and an opportunity for people to sign up. There was a huge response and the first Play Champion Training sessions begin in February.

May 2015

After 3 years of successfully building Inspired we have entered a new phase in the organisation. The two sides of the business, the training and the play team have now been combined to form a new organisation simply called Inspired Children. I have always thought that “Inspired Children’s Services Solutions” was a little long winded and most people have always referred to us as “Inspired Children” anyway so now it is official!  We have a new logo to reflect the change………

April 2015

Parent Project Goes from Strength to Strength!

The Parent Project in Leicestershire is now in its latest phase targeting settings that have received a “Requires Improvement” grade. The sessions have been incredible with feedback from parents even more amazing than ever.

January 2015

Successful new tenders for Inspired!

As we move into 2015 we are celebrating several new strands of work for Inspired. Both our early years training and playwork sessions have met with phenomenal feedback and we are rapidly making a name for ourselves nationally. We now deliver over 60 courses!  We have several new commissions for work across the UK in 2015 including new work in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire,  Northampton, Central Bedforshire, Nottingham, Cheshire and even Scotland in addition to being re-commissioned  by the local authorities and settings that have valued our work so highly over the last year. We also won a tender to supply Observation, Assessment and Planning training to early years settings in the Midlands. Not only has our training met with fantastic success - our dedicated playteam has already started taking bookings for the new year and it looks like a busy year ahead. They are continuing to work on the high profile BAAF Adoption Activity Days and will also be delivering sessions for disabled children and their families in March.

December 2014

As the year draws to a close we look back at an amazing 2014. We have worked all across the UK and taken part in some genuinely unique projects. Yet again we have been recognised by Nursery World for our work with Parents and have continued to improve and expand our training sessions.

October 2014

The Playteam have been in action almost every week this year making them a fantastic addition to Inspired and were once again caught on camera during a section by Lisa Faulkner on “This Morning”.

August 2014

Parent Project short-listed for National Award.

Fantastic news! The Parent Project in Leicestershire has been shortlisted for a Nursery World Award. This is the second year running that Inspired has been recognised. Thanks for all the support!

June 2014

June has seen a revised website and new service directory with a host of exciting brand new courses. (Click on the cover to go to training page) I delivered the first of the new adopters and fosterers training sessions which was really successful. We have also started the third round of the parent play project in Leicestershire and am taking bookings for September. I am also gearing up for speaking at two conferences -  one in Lincoln where I am delivering superhero play and the other in Derby which is all about empowering children to be actively involved. Finally we have a new YouTube channel with videos from our training. Click on the link on the right to go to the channel.

May 2014

What a busy time. I have made repeat visits to London, teaching in both Balham and Wandsworth and have delivered a whole host of interesting sessions. The play team has continued to work all over the country almost every weekend and have now been filmed by both Channel 4 and ITV.

February 2014

Play Team rock!

The Play team has been working almost every week on the Adoption Activity Events for the British Association of Adopters and Fosterers. These events were the subject of a heartbreaking documentary by Channel 4 and although sometimes controversial have been genuinely successful in helping children find families.


What is the Point of Play?

How do we Inspire Creativity?

Watch out for Ben’s new book - A Very Unusual Journey Into Play - Out Now!

Inspired Children provides unique CPD training, specialising in Play, Emotional Well-Being, Creativity and Behaviour, created and delivered by multi award-winning trainer Ben Kingston-Hughes and team.

We also provide vibrant and magical sessions for vulnerable Children.