Testimonials and Letters

This is the training that I wish I’d have had when I was a trainee, I can’t change the past for myself but I can change the future for the next crop of teachers and children, which is why we ensure that Ben’s training is a part of the training we supply for all our primary trainees.

Phil Page SCITT Hub Leader - Inspiring Leaders Teacher Training.

I just wanted to send you an email to say a huge thank you to you for the training you delivered to our team yesterday. You truly are inspiring and motivational, the staff have not stopped talking about you! Everything you spoke about is not new information but it is so important to remind all our staff about the importance of play, of the impact they have on the children in their care and why, when days seem really stressful and tough, they do what they do. Many have been reflecting on their practice today and questioning why they are doing things that they have always done without ever questioning it, already changes are being made in our settings!


As a support team, we have been inspired and will ensure that your training is embedded in our practice throughout the group. Many of our settings are in very disadvantaged areas and we have a lot of safeguarding, SEN and challenging families, it is our mission to include our parents more, to build those relationships and to help them understand the importance of play and hopefully we can contact you again to arrange some sort of training for them.


Thank you again Ben, for doing what you do and for sharing your passion, knowledge and expertise with all our staff in Paint Pots Southampton. 😊 We hope we can work with you again in the future.


Very best wishes,


Liz McCarthy

Operations Manager, Paintpots Nurseries

“I am the Head Teacher of a small Montessori Nursery school in Oxfordshire. As a team we have all undertaken the Positive Behaviour, Positive Adults, Positive Children course last week. What fun the course was! Ben has got such an engaging manner and peppered hugely impressive and thought provoking information with tales of bogeys courtesy of his young son (yes - really!).  Immediately on completion the course has made a huge difference to our daily practice. The word “empowered” is currently over-used but I can honestly say that is how we all felt on the back of the course - it has bought a lightness of touch to our daily work and an ability and desire to reframe “bad behaviour”. Thank you Ben from us all at The Children’s House”.

Henrietta Ussher – The Children’s House

I feel I need to send this email to say a huge Thank you.

It was a year ago that I first sew you at a childminders conference in Grantham. You inspired me; I made a "few" changes to my day-to-day work.

Then lock down happened and you made training videos. WOW, this is the best thing that has happened this year! Lincolnshire sent out some training emails and your name was on them. I booked straight onto them. Being able to login when it suited me. Half hour at a time so I wasn't overwhelmed. The training fitted around my family and work. Due to all this I've been able to do so much more training.

Along with that I could put things in place while I was still buzzing from what you had taught me. I changed my setting around to make it more accessible. I had some idea of how to use loose parts or so I thought. Your training helped me make the right changes to use my materials to their full potential.

Within the first week of changing my setting and the way I speak to the children I have seen a huge difference in their play, the language and happiness.

Even the poems touched me.

Thank you for sitting in a hot shed and putting on this training. You have changed me, the way I work and my passion for the job, this will help change the lives of the many under 5s that pass through my door.

Jenny constable

Childminder Jenny Tots  

I have been working with a nursery who unfortunately received an inadequate judgement from Ofsted in January 2020. As you can imagine morale was very low within the team and the report had a number of actions about teaching and learning and behaviour. So, we decided to book Ben Kingston-Hughes from Inspired Children for some face to face training on ‘Positive Adults, Positive Children.’ Due to Covid-19 and lockdown the planned face to face session was unable to go ahead. However, Ben rapidly created some virtual training that was extremely well received by the team, consisting of 5 different topics. The impact of his training was immediate upon the team. Ben’s training allowed the team to reflect upon why they had chosen to work with children and he gave them the insight to revaluate, reflect and understand their importance as early years educators. Suddenly, their mindset changed and they began to put into their practice what they had learnt from Ben’s training. For example, instead of thinking they would have a bad day at work, they started enjoying coming to work because they changed routines and recognised that there was a reason behind the children’s behaviour. They adopted what Ben had taught them about changing negatives into positives with regards to behaviour. This has now become the mantra of the whole nursery and the impact of Ben’s training has been inspirational for each and every one of them. The team tell me they love coming to work and the children in their care are happy and settled. They are looking forward to their forthcoming ofsted inspection with enthusiasm and I cannot stress enough how important Ben’s video training has been in helping transform an entire setting.

Dawn Larkin - Early Years consultant


(Note this report is on ALL presenters at the event. Ben Kingston-Hughes spoke on Day 4 which is towards the end of the report. He scored higher than any other presenter at this prestigious national conference and the comments are fantastic.)

I just thought I would give you some feedback on your video training as you have worked so hard. I wanted you to know the effect you have on those who buy your training as it is important that you know the difference you make. So I have been watching you on video for the last couple of hours and feel as though I have had a massive therapy session! You spoke a lot about mental health and laughter and this was the trigger for an outpouring of emotion.

So, what have I learnt from your training? That you really know what you are talking about, I don't mean this to be at all patronising; I can relate everything you say to very real experiences with children and the evidence is there.

Once you understand the theory/science involved in a process (as so eloquently described by yourself) and see that it works, you are in a place to confidently share with others or consciously apply this knowledge to other situations. And so you get the mark of excellent training, excellent teaching - the pebble in the pond effect! When the student is so inspired, when perspectives are permanently transformed, when understanding becomes a 'ping' moment, then the student starts to affect the lives of others with what they have learnt, their behaviour changes and lives (professional and personal) of others benefit from the newfound knowledge. It makes me think of a paper by Jack Mezirow, 'Perspective Transformations'.

So, next time you are sweating in your shed, making a video (sounds a bit dodgy - sorry) hold on to that thought, you are the pebble in the pond and you are changing lives - it is that powerful.

Thank you so much for your training. We continue to make a huge difference to children who are struggling with things in their lives, thanks to you!

Angie Dean – Manager, Upwood Small to Tall

I just wanted you to know the impact you've made on my professional practise. Over the years of working with children (which is coming up to 6 years now) I've been on your training on average once a year and it has been inspirational. You have impacted my practise massively, your training sessions are not just funny and interesting but they're packed full of useful knowledge and ways in which you can understand children’s (and sometimes adults!) behaviour. There have been so many times when I was getting frustrated with a child due to their behaviour and then I remember a story that you have told (the torch one always sticks in my mind and also the girl who stomped on your foot) and I instantly change the way I deal with it and it makes me think of the bigger picture and the fact they just need something from me or are feeling anxious or worried. You've also helped me to realise I have to give the children the best time in my care as you never know what’s going on at home and how important we are to these children. I struggle with training sessions due to my ADHD brain and usually cannot sit there through a full day session but you deliver it in such a way that keeps you hooked. The practical parts are always hilarious and give you fantastic activity ideas whilst promoting natural curiosity for the children and best of all they're just simply fun.

I wouldn't be the practitioner i am today without your training so I would like to say thank you for putting up with my craziness over the years and I'm looking forward to training with you again.

Lois Connell – Beaver Childcare

Parent and Staff Training Session - Wise Owls Nursery

Once again I'd like to thank you for being so amazing and inspirational! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the course and I've had parents telling me that they have been playing more with their children using the ideas they learned from you; For example, one of the dads said he and his daughter were playing fish fingers whilst in the car on their way to nursery, and a mum said she and her husband and child were building a den in their child's bedroom! And the child told us all about it too!  It's so lovely to hear such wonderful feedback.

My team were very happy with the training and how it was delivered and they all agreed it was the best course they've ever been on!

I can see already that you're training is making the impact I'd hoped for, and more!

Vicky Bourne - Manager Wise Owls Nursery - Farnham Royal

Early Years Training Day - West Grantham Academy

I cannot put into words how amazing the training that you delivered on Friday was, my team were most definitely inspired and I felt that we came together as a team! One member of staff who was apprehensive about the training told me that she loved the way that you demonstrated the way in which characteristics of effective learning can be embedded further! (I never thought I would see her dressed as a superhero!) I cannot wait to see the photographs!!!

Thank you once again, and I hope this is not the last we see of you!!!

Natalie Smyth, EYFS Lead – West Grantham Academy – St Johns

Positive Play Training - Crocus Fields, Nottingham.

I currently manage a short breaks unit for young people with learning and/or physical disabilities in Nottingham. We provide a service for around 75 young people and their families. The young people come to Crocus Fields to give their parents a break from their caring role but also to spend time with their peers and develop their social skills. I have worked here for over 10 years and been managing for the past five. I have organised countless s training sessions for the team on a huge array of subjects such as autism, the workings of the brain, intensive interaction, being a parent of a child with disability, stress etc. In December we were visited by Ben Kingston-Hughes from Inspired Children just prior to the Christmas break to deliver training to us on the importance of play when working with young people with learning disabilities. I can honestly say it was one of (if not the) best training sessions I have ever been on. Ben found a fantastic balance between talking to us about the neuro-science behind the importance of play and getting the staff team to engage in activities. As an organisation we are very pro-active and do engage in lots of play activities with the young people. However it must be said that the course has truly invigorated members of the team and ideas have been flowing in team meetings and supervisions since. I have not seen the team so excited during a training session throughout the ten years I have been here. What is so brilliant is that the theory behind the importance of play was delivered in such a way where everyone understood and “got it”. That has encouraged the team to explore their own roles and how they can become better workers and advocators for those young people, which in turn means more exciting playful activities shave taken place. At the end of the session three workers (whom it has to be admitted are usually rather shy) all approached Ben to thank him for his time and tell him how much they enjoyed it. I have never seen any of these workers approach a trainer before and it is a credit to the day he put on. I would highly, highly recommend anyone thinking about booking this training course, especially if they work within our sector.

Pete Corkhill, Registered Manager, Crocus Fields, Nottingham

Playful Brains Training - Initial Teacher Training Course, Fairfields Teaching School Alliance, Northants

The feedback I have received from the trainees has been overwhelmingly positive. They found the delivery of the session exceptionally engaging and commented that this gave them confidence to participate and feel valued.

The session content was a skilful balance of theory and, IMPORTANTLY, practical experience so that participants could 'feel' and experience the impact of play on their engagement, attitude and motivation. We had a detailed conversation the following day about perceptions of 'poor' behaviour and ALL trainees have said that the session has challenged their own thinking and views about certain behaviours that children exhibit and that they will modify their own responses as a consequence. Additionally, several of them want to explore the whole concept further and some of them have rethought the focus of their upcoming essay.   

I can honestly say that the session was transforming and inspirational for every one of us: thank you so much.

Catherine Capell (School Direct Lead - Fairfields Teaching School Alliance)

FWTSA have been working closely with Ben over the past two years to ensure his blend of theory and practice get to as wide an audience as possible. Ben has delivered inspirational Key Note speeches and workshops for several of our conferences this year including our SENDco and SEN teachers, Early Years practitioners and Teaching Assistants' Conferences.  His fun and exciting approach, using all elements of play with his audiences, engages learners of all ages, but more importantly gets the hard messages across about children's needs and some of the devastating neurological theory around attachment, emotional, communication and physical development. Ben wears lightly the high level of intellectual knowledge that he has acquired though Masters level study and research, and can convey this to staff and parents alike in a clear and common sense manner (and a lot of humour!).

With Ben, FWTSA have developed a Play Champions course for Early Years professionals and special school staff to enable them to cascade this excellent knowledge, though fun, to children, parents and adults alike. The impact of this is already being recorded with children's cognitive and communicative development being particularly of note. Most importantly Ben cares deeply about ensuring the best outcomes for children, which is why FWTSA will continue this productive relationships with him for the foreseeable future.

Helen Joy, Lead Practitioner - Forest Way Teaching School Alliance

We have been lucky enough to have had a variety of inspirational sessions with Ben, ranging from the parent play pilot, Observation & Assessment, Disability and Leadership. Though all of these are very different Ben makes them all just as important, and informative as the next but also Fun! Meaning you always come away with something. My team now say when I ask them about attending training - is it Ben!! The Parent play project was truly valuable to me but also for the parents & staff team. Ben & Inspired are amazing!

Tracey Brown nursery manager Sileby day nursery (& a big fan!)

Inspired Children certainly inspired our Annual Inclusion Conference this year.  This is a prestigious annual event for our Special Educational Needs Coordinators across the County and word of mouth regionally was that - if you want some input on the impact of play on learning, Ben Kingston-Hughes is the go-to provider.  We were not disappointed.  Ben's keynote speech - "Playful Brains" - was inspirational (he is now a regular feature of our Teaching School Prospectus) and his follow-up workshop was crazy but full of important cognitive insights.  Evaluations at the end of the conference were unanimously outstanding. 

Michael Thompson

Teaching School Manager

Fairfields Teaching School Alliance

Hi Ben,

I wanted to reiterate that the training in July was excellent. A great mix of practical examples and theory which left the playworkers looking forward to work the next week and asking themselves important questions about children’s play.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the staff continued the enthusiasm for play after your training, I saw adventures into outer space and on the pirate seas using only cardboard and their imaginations!  Just what we wanted.  The large group games were really popular and their success proved that we should be providing that type of play more regularly.

Kevin Stinton - Playscheme Coordinator, Cambridge University.

Supporting Statement for Nursery World Submission 2014

by Alison Bates (Manager - Little Explorers Playgroup)

I would like to nominate Ben Kingston-Hughes for an award as he has truly made a difference to my practice and my life.

In 2008 I joined the world of childcare having come from a completely different career in banking.  I felt I could make a difference to children’s lives.  I gained my professional qualifications as soon as possible but still felt that there was something missing and I still wasn’t offering the service I wanted to.

The County Council offered various training packages and having attended a few, I was disappointed that it was all sat down at a desk, watching power point slides and generally leaving the course feeling exactly the way I had felt on the way in.  Something was still missing.

And then I went on a course run by Ben.

Within minutes the tables and chairs had been turned into play spaces, dens, caves, anything I wanted.  Ben gave me creative license to dig deep into my memories of childhood and recreate those experiences.  I became excited and passionate about what I was building and Ben didn’t tell me to stop because it was time for a break, I was allowed to keep being creative and stop when I chose to.  I dressed up using ropes and material.  What was I doing? I’m 40 years old for heaven’s sake! Did I care? No. I was having too much fun to be self conscious.  Did I know anybody else? No, but several of us were already working together and sharing our ideas and expanding our thoughts.  It felt like the shortest course I’ve ever been on.  I didn’t want it to end.  

So what did Ben actually do?  Did he help me build the dens? No.  Did he tell me how to? No.  What Ben actually did was to inspire me with the gift of uninterrupted play.  It is something we are rarely given and on that day I felt truly inspired to share with the children at my setting this incredible gift that Ben had shared with me.  It felt like an epiphany.  I suddenly knew what was missing from my setting and how I was now empowered to go and make a difference.  

I couldn’t stop talking about Ben.   As soon as the new training booklet came out, we booked on every course that was being run by Ben.  Each time, we came away buzzing, eager to get back and make effective changes to our provision.  This wasn’t about costs, this was about practice.  Staff that had become disillusioned with their job were suddenly running around the park being a dinosaur and eager to talk about what they could do each day.  Excitement built up with the children and we began to really enjoy our sessions.  Ben has truly made a difference.  He has the name of his company bang on.  Inspired training is exactly what he delivers and he has inspired us to be better.  We were recently awarded Outstanding by Ofsted.  Would we have got it without Ben’s training, passion and inspiration?  I very much doubt it.

Alison Bates, Manager - Little Explorers Playgroup, Leicester Road, Sharnford, Leicestershire, LE10 3PP

18th April 2014

Dear Ben,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and dedication you put into your business in particular your training sessions.

As a Playgroup we have been very fortunate that most members of staff have undertaken one or more of your sessions and they always come back full of enthusiasm and with great ideas. As a reflective setting we are able to look at how we can fit this in to our current practice and have found without exception the ideas always enhance practice.

We were also very lucky to be able to hold the parents’ play session which was very successful. This helped us to share our practice and the theory behind their children’s play and learning through play. The parents having that understanding of the importance of play and revisiting their childhoods has impacted on their children as they are more willing to let the children explore, take risks and face challenges. One parent sent me a photo on Christmas Day of her son using the used wrapping paper to wrap up the dining chairs rather than playing with any toys – Priceless.

From our training we have developed a Friday ‘project’ day where we only have the climbing frame and lots of recyclables out. We use the children’s ideas to develop play throughout a 6 hour session. We have been Pirates and Mermaids, Knights and Princesses, Zoo Keepers etc., we have also run our own café and made everything for our lunches. The children absolutely love these sessions and their development in the Characteristics of Effective Learning as well as all other 7 areas of learning is remarkable. Negotiation and planning skills are amazing and at the end of each session they look at the photos of the day and reflect on what they have been doing and why. Also what they would like to do next.

It could be easy to become complacent in this profession; however by attending such inspiring training sessions and having the staff with the enthusiasm to carry the ideas through I feel we have developed into a setting which really values children and their ideas. As you always say, Ben we try not to say no but try to find a way that they can do what they want to do.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and dedication.


Samantha Pass,  Playgroup Leader

Belton Pre-School Playgroup, School Lane, Belton, Loughborough, LEICS, LE12 9TU

7th May 2014


Ben Kingston-Hughes (Inspired Children) was recommended to us by a colleague in another county who had thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from training which their local authority had organised and funded using Ben’s services. After looking at the Inspired Children.org.uk website we identified a number of courses that our staff thought might be beneficial for their professional development in Early Years practice. Subsequently Ben supported our staff training programme in the Autumn Term 2013 and Spring Term this year on three separate occasions. Ben is indeed an inspired and inspiring trainer. With his guidance and support we thoroughly enjoyed exploring topics that related to the development of skills in storytelling, development of drama, poetry telling and children’s rights in Early Years. Ben adapted his training programme to suit our needs and to respond extremely well to his audience. Ben also organised training around our need for Saturday and evening sessions to avoid nursery opening times. Despite having completed a full days work before attending evening training sessions, our practitioners found Ben’s delivery of the topic thoroughly interesting and engaging. They came away alert and motivated having been inspired by his approach and his immense experience of working with children and (through play based activities) making learning fun. With the support of his training our practitioners have effected measurable change to their practice and the children’s enjoyment of learning in our nursery.

Alison Dyke (Owner/ Director)

Nature Trails Ltd

Nature Trails Day Nursery, Cawston Farm House, Coventry Road, Cawston, Rugby, Warks, CV22 7RY.

Telephone: 01788 815445 email: info@naturetrails.co.uk

Jenny Boldrin

Faculty of Education, Health and Sciences

The University of Derby

Keddleston Road


DE22 1GB

May 12, 2014

To whom it may concern,

Ben Kingston Hughes has regularly delivered training for The University of Derby’s Early Years Teacher trainees for a number of years. Ben visits the University each year to deliver a half day training session on the significance of physical play on children’s health and well-being.

Ben’s sessions are always enthusiastically received by all trainees who, according to feedback, value Ben’s clear passion, commitment and dedication to his work.

One of Ben’s skills is his ability to differentiate his approach based on those attending his sessions. Our trainees are on a postgraduate programme and so there is an emphasis on their developing understanding of the theoretical underpinning of their work. Ben ensures he draws on his expertise within sessions to provide a clear rationale behind the practice he is championing.

Ben has also regularly delivered at our Early Years Teacher team Conference and is scheduled to do so again this year. His interactive and energetic approach is perfect for engaging delegates in a meaningful workshop experience.

Overall Ben’s appeal is in his ability to engage the learner, he is someone our trainees value listening to and he never fails to inspire them to strive for the best for the children and families they are working with.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jenny Boldrin

Senior Lecturer, Early Years Teacher Status

I have attended a couple of training sessions with Ben Kingston-Hughes and they have all left a lasting impression on me and my practice.

Ben has a unique way about him and his training delivery informs in a way that is easy to understand and retain, and at the same time manages to make it feel easy and comfortable. The sessions are a powerful mix of information, supported by recent and relevant research, and hand-on practical activities which embed the knowledge he provides. He manages to make everyone feel at ease, both with himself as the ‘trainer’ and each other, which allows for a more productive training session. His enthusiasm for his subject is infectious.

I started my career in childcare right at the beginning with NVQ’s going up to post-graduate level, so have attended many, many training sessions of all types and with a large variety of providers, and can very honestly say Ben is THE BEST I have come across.

Danusia Taylor, Manager, Wymondam Preschool 3 Glebe Road, Wymondham, LE14 2AF

Ben attended the Lincolnshire Pre-school Learning Alliance AGM last year and his presentation was brilliant. He kept the audience of EY practioners, managers and seniors captivated by his easy style of presentation and humour. All the feedback we received was positive and he kindly responded individually to a couple of our nursery members who wanted advice from him.

He takes the fear out of letting children play and instils confidence in people to try new things

Pam Flint

Volunteer Coordinator

Lincolnshire Pre-school Learning Alliance

Mobile : 07912 581505

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing in support of Mr Ben Kingston-Hughes’s application for the Nursery World awards.

I have attended several courses taught by Mr Kingston-Hughes (Drama, Storytelling and Fun, Breaking Barriers-Working with Disabled Children, Magical Outdoor Play) and I have thoroughly enjoyed each one.

Mr Kingston-Hughes has a unique approach to teaching with the maximum participation of his audience. His method is entertaining, sensitive, enjoyable and – inspiring. He uses relevant examples from his experience in working with children and young people to support the points discussed in his courses.

Furthermore, what distinguished his courses from many others I have attended was the fun atmosphere Mr Kingston-Hughes created – he welcomed discussion, creativity and above all – play.

Mr Kingston-Hughes’s courses have influenced my work with children greatly. He has provided me with fantastic ideas to make storytelling more effective and engaging; he has also given me a new insight into working with disabled children and the importance of equality and inclusion in doing so and he has certainly stressed the importance of outdoor play in an informative and enjoyable way.

 I think he would be an excellent candidate and I enthusiastically endorse his application.

 Kind regards,

Gordana Haddon
Nursery Assistant at Holmsdale Manor Nursery School

150 High Street,  Ibstock LE67 6JP

Ben’s training has been a revelation to me. I first attended his training last year on an EYFS physical development course and felt compelled to email him and tell him how much the short training session had meant to me. I have attended many training courses in my career but this was the first time I have ever emailed a tutor to thank them afterwards. It was also the first time that I thought a tutor actually seemed to value children in the same way that I do. Frontline workers often get bogged down with their day to day role but Ben reminded us all of why we do the job in the first place and inspired us to be better. He moved between hilarious anecdotes and poignant reminders of why our role is so important and kept the whole group entertained and stimulated throughout. I left amazed by how quick the time had gone and from my experience that is definitely not what happens on other training I have attended. I would recommend Ben for an award for his training as I don’t think there is another trainer like him.

Katie Braidley, 33 Elmesthorpe Lane, Earl Shilton, LE9 7PD  

Thank you for a truly inspiring workshop that challenged me to step outside my comfort zone in ways I can never really explain...but will attempt to try!

As a child that was overweight I loathed and detested all P.E sessions and was bullied relentlessly by my P.E teacher who: after 2 years of me doing my utmost to avoid lessons decided the best way for me to take part in physical exercise, was to lock me in what was essentially a broom cupboard. In the cupboard was an exercise bike, he would lock me in at the beginning of the lesson and then come and let me out again once the lesson had finished! As a result of this my interest in group physical activities was nonexistent at best and filled with terror at worst.

And so we arrive at your outdoor workshop...

I am slightly terrified, I think about going home after lunch, I wonder what the hell made me chose such a ridiculous (for me) workshop. When we stand waiting for the last few ladies to arrive, and I hear there will be running and games, I would like to leave...now! It took all of the strategies I have learnt to make me stay. Anyway to cut a long (sob) story short I act like I am enjoying myself and put my ‘game face’ on  but, actually, I find myself not having to pretend. I am actually, really enjoying myself and for the first time in my entire life ...ever I was one of the last 3 ninjas from my team standing, AND I get the last member of the opposing tribe out.  Me! I win this physical activity type game. Me, the one who was so crap at P.E it was deemed acceptable to lock me in a cupboard, and have never taken part in sports since! Ha!!! In your face P.E teacher!

Anyway my point is thank you. If what you did that day could make me feel included and worthy and like an integral part of a team of determined, monkey worshipping, ninjas maybe it can do the same for a small scared and unsure (not so) small person who has been made to feel the best place for them is locked in a cupboard.

Thank you Ben.

Nannette Kirkman-Graham. Childminder, Leicestershire

Matthew Peet, Headteacher of Redlands Primary School has this to say about the Lunchtime Improvement programme..........

“At Sileby Redlands our lunchtime routines had become so restrictive that our children were interacting with the lunchtime team only on the occasions where behaviour was being viewed as unacceptable. Children were finding themselves experiencing more and more conflict as they interacted with their peers - simply because they were bored and not being stimulated. Lunchtimes consisted of children running around on concrete surface - not having the skills to play productively! Redlands has wonderful grounds which we were under using, making the excuse that children couldn't play in certain areas due to weather conditions or Health and Safety bureaucracy.

Ben arrived at our school and in a short time was able to completely change the mind set of staff, the lunchtime team and more importantly the children. Playtimes and Lunchtimes have been completely changed,. Our children are now playing together making full use of the grounds, interacting and playing with adults and simply having Fun in an environment which is based on mutual respect! The activities are still safe and supervision is still paramount, but now we offer an environment in which children are encouraged to take risks in their play. 

Our children, with the support from our parents and carers, are now engaging in climbing trees, making dens and constructing rope swings and hammocks. Incidents of negative behaviour have reduced dramatically and the relationships between pupils and lunchtime supervisors has never been more positive.

It has become so easy to forget that our children need to have the opportunity to experience free play, Ben was able to help us realise, what is absolute common sense, that children need to play - as a result Redlands is a much more happy place to play.”

Feedback from Emails, Evaluation forms and Social Media

Ben was absolutely fantastic, he really put me at ease and all the ideas he had for using the existing toys to create new things was incredible. The vehicle that was made from lego and the scooter boards was amazing!

Adopter – Adoption Activity Day Cardiff July 2023

Hi Ben, below is some of the feedback from the training day, I thought you might like to see.

It was absolutely fantastic, by far the best and most worthwhile training I’ve ever been on in my 30 year career working with children.  Ben was truly inspirational. It is also really lovely being a part of such a supportive team, days like this really make you feel valued as a member of staff, so thank you.

Loved Ben, the ideas and information he portrayed to us was SO helpful, sometimes we can get caught up in the busyness of day to day pre school life and get stuck in a routine when there is lots of imaginative play and lots of cognitive things to think about. We have already been implementing things we learnt from Ben - we loved him !!!!

I thought that this course run by Ben Kingston-Hughes was inspirational and loved his use of humour along with the serious side of this course. Using animals to think about space re the chickens was an interesting thought. Loved all the little games he played and have come away with lots of ideas. I look forward to another course like this one. We all really enjoyed this at Boldre Pre-school.

Ben was incredible! The best training I have personally received. He engaged all staff with his humour and knowledge. Would be great to have more/different training on aspects of early years from him again.

Cat Baker – Paint Pots Nurseries

Hi Ben

I wanted to thank you for being our opening speaker at our Divisional Deputy Day. You certainly set the bar high for us and we are all looking forward to hearing you again at our Manager day in September.

People commented on their feedback sheets

How inspiring you were and that you really made them think

You were mind blowing

You gave a detailed insight into the impact and importance to the brain function of play

I know that the deputies will remember your presentation when they are working in the nursery and observing play and i hope this will make them share their learnings with their teams.

Once again thank you for a truly inspirational presentation

Anne Sheldon – Bright Horizons Director of Operations -London and East

Thank you so much for your inspirational training session today. I just thought I'd let you know that you personally inspired me to take my 4 year old daughter out to the park for an hour when I got home. We braved the rain and played fish fingers all the way there which she loved. Thanks again

Joseph Wright

Business Manager, Paint Pots Pre-Schools & Nurseries Ltd.

I attended the childcare expo today and was completely inspired with your talk - Caroline Spavin

Hello Ben

I just wanted to feed back a conversation I had with a parent this morning. It was the dad that you spoke to at my setting when you did the training for parents and you spoke to him afterwards about his son. He said that you inspired a real turning point in his parenting and that if he hadn't met you things would have been very different for his son's childhood. He said that he would never forget the things you said to him and how grateful he was that you had spoken to him.

Manager – Cambridge

Hi Ben,

Thank you for such an inspirational Saturday.  It was great to share the morning with you and our team. Your approach was really refreshing, full of knowledge and delivered in such a way that left us feeling both inspired and confident in our practice.  We have come away with actions that feel possible and transferable to our practice.

Many thanks

Clare Crowther, Atelier Nursery Ltd, Head of Nursery

Hi Ben,

OMG, there are no words to say how much I loved your talk on Tuesday! Thank you so so much!
The feedback from the others is also brilliant, I am so happy!

Debby Lucken
Pocodogs & KAD

Hey Ben,

Just wanted to reach as out as I attended the Community Play event today, and found your seminar so amazingly motivational and inspirational. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the awe and wonder feeling we want our children to experience every day but you delivered it today. Thank you for reminding us what an important role we play, and allowing us an insight into your world!

Thanks again

Leighanne Queenbarrows

Hi Ben

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the two training sessions you ran for us last week.

Whether people attended the day at the Centre, or joined you live online, they had both a wonderful time and gained so much knowledge, inspiration and took time to reflect.

All we ever want from out training, and I knew this would be the case as I know (and love!) your training so much.

Nikki Walters, Head of Strategic Development, Early Excellence

Thank you very much, the feedback from the practitioners has been amazing – we are very much looking forward to your next visit.

Ceri Pryce, Learning & Development Coordinator, Daisy Chain Day Care

Hi Ben,

I attended yesterday's  talk from you all about the importance of play at the Mill primary school in Crawley.

I was totally inspired by your talk and have shared this with my Inclusion head  today.

Diana Neill DSL/Learning Mentor

Dear Ben,

I would like to thank for the fantastic course you delivered at The Early Excellence Centre in Huddersfield on Wednesday - 'The Science of Play'. I found the day reminded me of the reason why I wanted to teach but over the years has gotten lost; to help children learn by providing opportunities to find joy, happiness and wonder in the world around them.

I would like to thank you for your wonderful anecdotes which illustrated the 'science' so perfectly.

Many thanks again,

Kate Wood 

We absolutely loved your training and it has made a tangible difference to the practice within the team. We have been singing your praises to everyone!

Thanks again, it was a brilliant day.

Best wishes

Georgie Trevor – Little Angels Day Nursery

Once again, thank you so much for your training today. It was so valuable for myself as a reception teacher, and for the children in my care! Your content was brilliant and so informative.

Laura Bradley, Teacher, EYFS, Swillington Primary School

I could listen to your talks all day! Can't wait to add this to my teaching sessions with my childcare apprentices

Mrs P K Sygrove (Kinderley Webinar Attendee)

I always end up with face ache from grinning during Ben's talks...thankyou

Kirsty Rowan (Kinderley Webinar Attendee)

Wow! This is the best webinar I’ve ever attended! Can’t wait to research more and take it back to my staff and children.

Danielle Warwick (Kinderley Webinar Attendee)

Hi Ben
Thank you for a very informative and helpful session today.
Nikki Young
Fairfield Prep School

Dear Ben,

Thank you for delivering such an inspiring seminar session this morning at the IAPS conference. You've given me a lot to think about and I very much hope that I might see you again, once I've talked to SMT, about some potential training!

In the meantime, I am off to purchase your book.

Thanks once again, 

Mrs Rachel Ravat 

Head of EYFS 

Ratcliffe College 

Thank you so much for this evening's loose parts course. It was mind blowing, informative and your passion for child development, play and loose parts shone through like a beacon. I cannot thank you enough for this evening's course, I am so glad I joined. ( and I ordered your book immediately)

Nicki Ryan.

There has been a genuine buzz about your session and lots of positive conversations linked to the impact of play and perceptions of young people’s “behaviours” that are potentially linked to their needs around interaction, fun and play. It has certainly hit a chord with many of the team. I know there have been quite a few staff purchasing your book for further reading too which I think highlights how powerful your session was.

Mark Wilson, Expert Practitioner & Leadership Team. Fusion Academy

Thank you for your talk last week, I know I found it very inspiring as did many of my fellow colleagues.

Rhiannon Gladman-Conroy

Senior Teaching Assistant at The Fusion Academy

I am not ‘child professional’, but I was invited to attend the training as I have an interest in children’s mental health, and it was the most informative and enlightening course I have ever been on.  I have learnt so much about myself and why I react to situations in the way that I do, it certainly was a self-development course for me that has given me a lot of think about.

Andrea Brew-Smith, Business Support Manager – Virtual School, Worcestershire Children First

I just wanted to start off by saying thank you for the training you provided on Saturday,  I found it really useful and am looking forward to implementing it not only in setting but also with my own children at home!

Great Wood Farm Early Years Centre

Hi Ben

I can’t thank you enough for Tuesday, what a great day.  I know you weren’t feeling 100% and have so much going on at home, I am very appreciative you still made the effort to attend and give us a great session.  All my staff are buzzing.

Thank you again, we really enjoyed the day.

Mary Anne Burrows The Burrow Nursery & Pre-school

Hi Ben,

I absolutely loved your talk on Childcare and Education Virtual Summit yesterday. That was so powerful to hear some of your stories – the last one about that little girl finding her forever family while sticking feathers on her daddy-to-be’s bald head was so moving.

Curtis Meier – Community Playthings

Can I just thank you for your workshop on loose parts play - it was absolutely fantastic and has reignited my knowledge of the importance of outdoor play in particular.

Thanks again for your workshop. And also your book - it's fantastic!

Becky Belsten

You are absolutely amazing. I love listening to you talk as it totally inspires me to be the very best I can be for the children I work with. Thank you so much 😊🥰

Angela Allan:

Hi Ben

I cannot thank you enough for the most amazing training day – staff are still talking about it and inspired. We have all commented on it being the best way to start the new academic year & truly some of the best training we have had!

Many, many thanks

Kind regards

Lucy Thie - Nursery Manager

Little waves Community Nursery and Ashcombe Children Centre Nursery.

Hi Ben,

Thank you so much for Sunday's training - I have had so many messages from the team saying how fantastic your session was, and have already seen a change in practice over the first couple of days of camp. 100% inspiring without a doubt.

Jake Motion

Founder & Director - House of Fun Ltd,

Hi Ben  

I'm pleased we were a good fit. I had a brilliant day and the staff have been so full of how much they enjoyed the sessions and how at ease they felt so I am delighted that it was so well received by so many of them. I myself have seen staff already applying your practices with the children and it has just been lovely to watch them being so enthused!

Marcus Tempest, Manager - The Home Nursery Ltd

Hi, Ben Kingston-Hughes

I am just emailing to say how interesting I am finding the play, nurturing and curiosity course!

I've never felt so engaged and compelled to keep watching a video training course!

I am about half way and I feel like I am already implementing some of the things into my daily working life.

Have you got any more video courses that would interest a nursery school room leader?


Stephanie Curtis

I found this course enlightening, engaging and inspiring. I loved how enthusiastic you were about the course and about working with / playing with children of varying ages and children of varying behaviours and abilities. I can only hope that your enthusiasm rubs off onto me. I'm sure that I shall be a better person when I play with the children at the after school club - I hope so anyway. It was truly a joy to listen to you.

Ann Venters

Many thanks too for bringing joy into children’s lives and for inspiring us as play leaders.  Not “blowing your own trumpet” but have you thought what our world would be like if every adult had the same passion and knowledge and engagement and understanding of children as you do??  Wow, what a world we would live in!!  

Kim Gayler


I attended your course talking about the importance of play last Wednesday. Most importantly I want to say thank you! I had very little intention of tuning in after a busy day with toddlers but I'm so glad I did. My perspective of why they do what they do has been completely transformed!

At the end of the course you said to email you for a certificate and ask for instructions on the 'fish finger' game?

Kind Regards

Ali Hicks

Hi Ben,

Thank you so much again for your presentation this evening that has got to be the first time I've never wanted a course to end. You are amazing at what you do and an inspiration, I wish there was more genuine and caring people like you in this world.

Many thanks

Amanda Mitchell

Hello Ben,

I have just attended your 'Power of Play' course and it was fantastic. I found it truly eye opening and I can honestly say it has been the most enlightening presentation I have watched in a long time. I really found that I got a lot from it.

I got so much from the course and I really can't wait to put it into practice when I go back into my setting tomorrow.

You really have inspired me!

Thank you so much.

Warm regards

P'trice Wood

Thank you so much, I found it very interesting and insightful. It has certainly made me think about my own responses and behaviour and how I can adapt and change my approach to provide a more positive and nurturing environment for the children in my care.

Many thanks

Kind Regards

Debbie Smith

Eagle CP School

Dear Ben

Thank you for another wonderful training event. I find them so inspiring, and they always make me feel as though there is hope if you know what I mean. I use all the things that you talk about with my children at school and fish fingers is a particular favourite at home as well as school. I have ordered your book and am looking forward to the next training event.

Many thanks.

Susan Watson, Teaching Assistant Lincoln Minster School

Morning Ben

Thank you for a brilliant training session yesterday evening, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have your book in my Amazon basket, added it after your seminar at the Expo on Saturday.

Thank you again for being so inspiring. I wish more people could see the importance of play in Early Years, I am from Sweden and didn’t start school until I was 7. I wish they would change the school start here. My youngest being an August child had literally just turned 4 less than a week before starting school.

Kind regards


Hi Ben

Thank you ever so much for coming and doing the training on Saturday.

All of my team and the other settings enjoyed it. Afterwards and today I've had people coming to me saying how great a speaker you are, that they could have listened to you all day. You has inspired them and set off fireworks in their heads from their thinking. What you said provoked them into thinking about what you said about the brain and linking it to what they were or were not seeing in children.

I was having a hallelujah moment at the end when my staff finally fully understood everything what i had been talking about for the past 2 years since becoming manager. One of my team turned round to the others that work in her room and said 'right next week, no displays, no big observations, no paperwork, we are just going to play with the kids!! She wasn't in today but they took it to heart and today that room and our 2-3 room both did large painting on the floor. I was made to join in instead of doing paperwork (wasn't hard to take me away from that!) and ended up having my legs painted by lots of children.

I've enclosed pictures from Saturday and today's activities for you to see.

I've sent the invoice to the owners to pay

Thank you once again


Hi Ben,

Thank you so much for the training on Play, Curiosity and Nurturing. I love your presenting style and will try to get to one of your courses in the real world when such things are again possible. It was mind blowing to see the science behind what we do and entirely the way I TRY to do things at my childminding setting. As a member of the Roller Skate brigade, I too mourn the days of child freedom. I grew up in the wilds of Wales and my Mam used to ring a great big hand bell out of the back door to get us to come home for tea. I wish we could allow our children that freedom today.

I also wish I could get you to visit the primary school in our village, where the "rain cloud" system is in full swing and the year one teacher never smiles. 😔🙄 I will work on the head teacher to see if I can get her to organise it.

(Now moving on to your Communication course, I genuinely can't wait!!)

Kind regards


Anna Elmore

Thanks Ben,

We really enjoyed the session and went away feeling motivated, ready to apply what we’d learnt.

I’m sure we’ll be in touch to arrange another session in the not-so distant future.

Best wishes,

Lian Dimaro – Director, Trauma in Mind

Dear Ben,

Many thanks for the really inspiring and useful training on the Amazing Brains and Bodies course.

Please could you send the certificate and also the slides?

Best wishes,

Lucy Bloomfield

Little Me Nursery, Foxton

Dear Ben

Thank you for an extremely informative and thought provoking day.

Team Little Wrens are already reaping benefits by rethinking their response to our children’s behaviours.

Best Wishes

Anita Astle MBE - Managing Director, Wren Hall

Thank you Ben! I feel like I repeat myself but we just can’t get enough of your training!

The whats app group is on fire and there’s a real buzz! Thank you!

You’re just a breath of fresh air and I know our children will have richer experiences because of you. There’s just not enough words to express our gratitude.

I can’t wait for the book, literally!

Kindest regards

Kate Messiah

Hi Ben,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your session at the Virtual Summit, it went down really well with attendees on Saturday with lots of positive comments in the chat box.

Thanks again, look forward to seeing you soon in London next year and I hope you have a great week.

Best wishes,

Andrea Howell

Hi Ben,

Thank you so much for the training tonight. It was really fun and inspiring after a very long day / week.

I always find you fantastic to listen to and love the enthusiasm you clearly have for your work and the passion you pass on to the children / adults you work with.

I find the psychology behind children's learning absolutely fascinating.  Tonight also held an extra element of interest for me as we are half way through the process of having our 13 year old assessed for possible ADHD so it was great to hear you relate to that in your talk too.

It was a shame that not more people attended tonight.  I'm not sure if it is because the council offered a different course on loose parts play a few weeks back so attendees of that course might have felt like they already covered that topic recently and therefore weren't tempted to repeat the same learning.  I can absolutely confirm it was very very different and I was really pleased I joined you tonight - thank you.

Thanks and kind regards,

Rachel Nicholson

Thank you Ben, it was great to be a part of such a wonderful training day. You are absolutely phenomenal at what you do! It was a real epiphany moment, several in fact and I feel as if I have brought so much away with me! Thank you again, Kate (the loud one!)

Hi Ben,

Thank you for a wonderful and insightful training session. I will be feeding back to my setting.

Thank you

Grace Shergold, Atherstone Nursery School

Ben that training was amazing and so inspirational thank you so much!

Many thanks

Aimee English - Jersey

Hello Ben,

I just want to say thank you again for tonights training. Your insight into the neuroplasticity of learning was so interesting as it highlighted what is obviously happening to so many children within our education system and it was the first time I had seen it laid out so clearly. Your empathy and social groups section of the training and your explanation of the impact of othering and how we move towards breaking down the idea of others within social groups for children was really interesting and builds upon concepts I looked at during my Undergrad and Masters degrees. It was a shame we didn't have enough time to discuss further the topic of 'boys will be boys or will they' as I would be interested in finding out more because I agree as a society we end up creating the toxic masculinity we see in the media and we need to rethink what we instil in young boys and lead with teaching empathy in our practice.  

Thank you again it was a really interesting and insightful evening.

Caitlin Steward MA

Dear Ben,

I was a listener in your recent talk at Kinderly, and it was probably the best talk I have attended for a while !

I wish your book about play was out already, as I have my first essay ( about PLAY in creative and outdoor led curriculum) for University coming soon, and it's my first ever academic essay in this Country. You might imagine my troubles!

Anyway, I look forward to add your book to my reading list, thanks you for the time you took in reading this, and all the best of luck for your future projects!


I wanted to say thank you so much for the training last night.  As always you have been so inspirational, opening our minds up even more,  yet again, just brilliant!!

Kindest regards

Tina Dewhurst – Club Co-ordinator

The Kids’ Club – Playwork in the Community

Hi Ben  

I attended your zoom training on the 23/9 for the above course, it was absolutely brilliant so thank you! Please can I obtain a copy of the slides if possible?

Also I remember you mentioned coming out into settings to deliver some training. Please can I have some more info re. this including, cost & number of people you can deliver the training to.

Thank you

Kind Regards

Kym Whyte

Nursery Manager

You so aced it today – loved the message and the clear hooks for how we teach all disadvantaged children. Staff loved it!

Gilly Patterson – Headteacher Kibworth C of E Primary School

Hi Ben,

Very great session, learnt lots of key points that I will feed back to my nursery!


Katie Miller

Hello Ben,

A big thank you for the training. It was very engaging and informative.

Kind regards

Unaisah Gora

Hi Ben

Just want to say a massive thank you, I found Amazing Brains and Bodies  course really interesting. I had worked in early years for 15 years, left briefly and realised that I really missed it, so am now in the process of becoming a child minder. This course was one of the steps towards my goal. I thought that I was passed my best being just the wrong side of 50, but I’m sure I was completely wrong.

Hope to join another of your courses a some point in the near future.

Stay Safe & Keep smiling

Kindest Regards

Tracey Morris

Hi Ben,

Thanks so much for the course today was fascinating and makes complete sense.

Kind Regards

Karen Brighty

Hello Ben,

The loose part play training was delivered brilliantly and it will really useful to support children. Thank you.


Rimpal Patel – Loughborough College

Hi Ben.

Thank you for the course today. Brilliant as always.


Emma Allen

Hi Ben thank you for the training. it was very interesting.

Rosanna Taurasi

Radmoor Childcare Nursery

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the course this morning it was very helpful and interesting!

Kind regards,

Jodie Jarvis – Loughborough College

Hi Ben,

We have had some lovely feedback, particularly about your session, it really was inspiring.


Kim Salisbury – School Improvement Liverpool

Hi Ben,

I just wanted to thank you again for our training last week. Everyone is still raving about it - and changing their initial plans to get the children outside playing more often.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,

Gemma and all at Leedon Lower School.

It’s safe to say the staff absolutely LOVED the day, and I’ve had lots of requests to ask you to come back (which has never happened before).

Thanks again Ben.

Catriona Campbell

Head of Education, East Park School, Glasgow

Really great course thank you, I learnt a lot. If possible would I be able to get a certificate for my CPD folder. As a relatively new practitioner with not as much experience as others I found this very interesting. Looking forward to future courses.  

Ashleigh Wise

Thank you so much for tonight's webinar, it was so inspiring.

Many thanks

Paula Gent

Good morning Ben

Once again your training was absolutely brilliant, I was in a meeting yesterday and practitioners were talking about the training and already beginning to sign up for the October session.

Karen Bland | Early Education and Childcare Lead / Learning and Skills Service

Rutland County Council

Hi Ben,

I was lucky enough to attend your online course “ The vital role of the early years practitioner “ on Wednesday night and it was so good , I came away wanting to learn more and to tell people just how important my job role is.

Thanks again

Emma Filik

Ben recently put on the Early Years Heroes training for our whole setting, which was absolutely amazing and truly inspirational.  We had some great feedback from our staff teams.

Tracy Gould

Assistant Manager

Dandelion Day Nursery & Kids Club

Hi Ben,

Thank you for delivering the training, it was inspiring and insightful and certainly gave us all food for thought.

Your passion and enthusiasm for children’s play is infectious and this came across in the training threefold and more. Thank you.

I will most definitely be in touch to book further training.

Sharon Gapper (Cargill)

Swyddog Cyflawnder Chwarae/Play Sufficiency Officer


I just wanted to send a quick email to say that I thought this session was fantastic! It has been one of the most engaging conferences I have been on and had some truly thought provoking ideas and messages.

Really enjoyed it and just wanted to thank Ben for being such an engaging speaker.


Many thanks


Kristie Bradding

Assistant Head Teacher

Quarry Hill Academy


I recently watched the 'Science of Play' webinar with Ben Kingston Hughes and I was truly impressed.

Nalisha McCurry

You've set my neurons on fire Ben! What a great day! Thank you

A really powerful presentation! Strongly steeped in research and delivered in such an inspiring way! Thank you Ben!


I am a childminder and I attended the Kinderley webinar this evening looking at the science behind play.

I enjoyed this webinar so very much, and found it absolutely fascinating.

I would love the opportunity to partake in further training with inspired children to find out more, and wondered if you could send me further information about your courses.

Many thanks

Sandra (Shining Stars Childminding)

Hi Ben,


Just a quick line to say thanks so much for the webinar last night - by all accounts, it was absolutely fantastic! We had brilliant feedback on Twitter (I can send the comments if you want) and the post-webinar survey had awesome comments too (please see attached)! People's eyes were genuinely opened by your talk and I think it's very clear how much you will have influenced their practice. Thank you.

 Tracey Riseborough - Kinderly

Good evening,

I have recently attended 2 of your very inspirational zoom courses through the Lincolnshire Early Years team; Early Years Heroes and Compassion and Joy

I very much enjoyed the course and am looking forward to my third with yourselves next Tuesday.

Many thanks

Lauren Dowse Childminder

Hi Ben. I really enjoyed last night's course ..as I do all of the courses of yours I've done. You manage to make everything so understandable and I always feel so inspired afterwards which has lead to me making many changes to my setting over the years.

Many thanks

Yvonne x

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for last night's course. It has really helped me not only with my work, but mostly with my own healing from trauma and mental illness. You have really helped me understand myself in my mental health journey :) thank you!

Learner from Lincolnshire CC Course


Just attended your Compassion and Joy training,  

Really enjoyed it and found it very insightful and interesting.

Many thanks

Debbie Smith

Little Eagles,

Eagle CP School

Dear Ben,

I attended Enfield's EYFS conference on Wednesday and I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you and that I was inspired by your talk around play

Kindest regards,

Shardi Vaziri

Assistant Head Teacher and EYFS Lead

Good morning Ben,

I was truly inspired by your presentation at the Enfield Early Years Conference this morning, so much so that I would love to arrange for you to deliver some training at my school.

Best wishes,

Mrs Gillian Hood, Headteacher, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School

I was present on the Early Years Conference this morning and wanted to send you a huge thank you for your wonderful presentation. My colleague (Catherine Lynskey Manager at our sister nursery Nursery on the Hill.) and I were thoroughly impressed with the way you delivered your training. The information you provided was very inspiring and we are looking forward to feeding it down to our staff team.


Hello Ben,

I was lucky enough to have participated in your recent webinar for Thurrock on loose parts play and was completely inspired by everything you said. You made all the information easy to understand and I could have listened to you for hours.

Sarah Hambleton-Cowell

Hi Ben

Thank you once again for the fabulous training tonight. It was really informative and I fully enjoyed it. Would you be able to send me a copy of the training please as I would love to have it to refer to in the future.

Many thanks

Vicky Gould

Evening Ben

Thank you for an interesting course tonight, I found it really useful and gave some good ideas that I can portray back to my setting. I look forward to more of your courses in the future.

Thank you

Marj Spendlow

Deputy manager/ Senco

Barrowby preschool

Your training made a big impact on me and I hope that the research and ideas will resonate with my leadership team also.

Alanna O’Hare

Ben – Thank you the session was brilliant today!

Louise Meadows

Childcare Workforce Development Manager

Hiya Ben,

Thank you for the training this morning. It was very interesting and inspiring. Please could I have a copy of the powerpoint to read back through and a certificate also please.

Thank you very much again for this morning.

Lauren Crawford

NQT Teacher

Boston Nursery School


I attended the training this morning and wondered if you can send me a list of any new training you have available. I found the training this morning really useful and inspiring.

Natalie Taylor

Dandelion Day Nursery and Kids Club

Hi Ben,

Just to say again - thank you for such a really brilliant session today!

I loved it!!!

…genuinely fun and playful and joyful…absolutely inspiring!

When you get a sec, please do ping over details of your videos, courses, prices, etc please.

With Thanks &

Best Regards,


Hi Ben


Thank you so much for this morning, I honestly think it is the most positive comments we have ever had for a speaker.




Sue Lamkin l Business Support Officer School Effectiveness Team I Children’s Services, Thurrock

Hi Ben

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to see THANK YOU, so much for this mornings session. I am an MKITT undergrad (first year) and found it so interesting and inspirational.

Becky Canavan

I would like to say a huge Thank you in regard to the valuable knowledge given today.  Exceptionally poignant , you have an ability to open peoples hearts.  

I really hope you return for more training . Thank you.

Lynn Chapman

Poppies Old Windsor.  

Hi Ben,

Thank you for presenting yet another eye opening and inspiring course, I've been boring for England about it ever since.

Kind regards,

Elizabeth Cox, Senior Teacher - Menphys Nursery School Wigston

Hi Ben,

Thanks again for such an insightful and thought-provoking course.

Mae Mullen

Hello Ben,

This was my first training sessions with you and I can honestly say that I’ve loved it. 2 of my staff raved about your ‘jumping over the paint pot’ training and we had a discussion during a staff meeting of how to use some of your strategies at the setting.

I just wanted to say thank you. My old brain is now buzzing and I now want to research so many subjects that you mentioned.

Thank you again, enjoy your home learning with your children!

Mandy Mills  -Kibworth Methodist Preschool

Hi I had the neuroscience training with you a couple of weeks ago! I am a third year student with TMA ITT, and I am about to start my dissertation. The training was amazing and really helped me. Thank you, Ella.

Wow! I have literally just come off your seminar and I felt I had to get in contact while I am


B. It's all fresh in my mind.


Listening to you talk has not only blown my mind but made me think I'm not the only one who thinks like this. Also, can I please say your sense of humour was not lost on me and had me in stitches (definitely don't squeeze your children and sell their joy on the black market!). It has been an absolute pleasure to listen to you and I look forward to chatting with you.

Best wishes and lots of joy

Sarah Morphett

The day was really successful, and our trainees loved it! We know it will stay with them throughout their training and beyond.

Thanks so much again for a great session, and we wish you a fantastic half term and look forward to the next session 😊

Jo Venables Teacher Recruitment Coordinator, Discovery Trust

Hi Ben

Thank you for tonight's training, it was brilliant and once again very inspiring. You are brilliant at what you do.

Kind regards

Sophie Murphy

Thanks so much for tonight Ben.  Amazing as always!!

Jen Millen

Ofsted Registered Childminder

Hi Ben

With all the crazy things happening at the moment not sure I had a chance to say thank you for the training you delivered to the two Nursery Schools I lead. It was a powerful and uplifting way to end what had been a difficult term. Staff feedback has been really excellent and many have taken it on board and are changing and enhancing practice as a result.

I have also found the word JOY written on several of our display areas!

Many thanks again

Rachel Gillett

Headteacher - Whitnash Nursery School

& Kenilworth Nursery School

Hello Ben,

I absolutely loved the training, your passion for play was infectious and I am going to look for more training on your website. I am on a mission to convince our school that outdoor play is just as important as indoor time!

Kezia Cunningham, Nursery Officer, Grands Vaux School, Jersey

I sat in on your training this morning (Boisterous Play) and am so pleased I did, your knowledge is amazing and I’ve had such a lot of positive feedback from people across the sectors. So great to see you linking to Bob Hughes. The playwork sector have been very vocal with their praise, it’s so easy for them to get overlooked in this world of Early Years.

Am very much looking forward to the end of covid and the possibility of getting you over here for a conference.

Alison Goguelin Team Manager, Government of Jersey

Thank you very much for the training Ben it was very helpful, my children can be very boisterous.

Many thanks

Kelly De Louche

Hi Ben

I just wanted to firstly say thank you for the brilliant training but also thank you for taking the time to send the second link. I got into the training and really enjoyed it.

Many thanks

Amber Copeland

Hi Ben

Lisa and I have been talking about how well received your input was on Monday, thank you. I particularly enjoyed the anecdotes and stories from your experience as it gives great context.

As a staff we work incredibly hard and we love seeing children thrive, however, as you can imagine sometimes the stresses and strains of data, ofsted etc lead us down a path of 'getting children sitting and learning'. In saying that we pride ourselves on our broad balanced curriculum, including that every child does outdoor learning every week. I'm now sounding like I'm selling our school to you- sorry.

What I'm trying to say is that your training on Monday has helped us to reflect on what is important for our children and realise we are absolutely developing well rounded children.

So, thank you, once again.

Stay safe

Catherine Wheatcroft

Deputy Headteacher

Thank you for your email but most of all thank you for delivering such a great training. We all think it was very interesting and useful and you’ve kept us all busy and made us think about our practises and I’m sure that I won’t be the only one that will start making some adjustments while at work.

Paula Casillas

Class Teacher

Bayonne Nursery & Pre-School


I have just finished watching your training course on the power of play and I thought it was amazing! I was hooked watching it and haven’t stopped telling people about what I have learnt!

Thank you so much for providing the courses you do, it was the best course I have ever done.

Many thanks,

Fiona Martin

Thank you Ben,

It was a really engaging session and all the trainees really got a lot out of it - so much so we have been referring to the session during some of my observations this week!

Charlie Furniss, Fairfields Teaching School Alliance

Hi Ben,

Thank you so much, it was a fab session with lots of positive feedback from the staff.  In a busy world it is refreshing to take the development time learn something new that will enhance practice.  It has given us lots to think about.  

Lucy Hall - Assistant Unit Manager

Crocus Fields

I completed your course on imagination and creativity on 19th Nov, I absolutely loved it and want to use as much as I can in our setting!

Jodie Grant

Dear Ben,

Thank you for your kind words! Your work is truly inspirational and you made such a positive impression, I can't wait for another of your online seminars! :)

Thanks for caring and sharing,


Hi Ben,

Firstly thanks, I attended your training today (in the virtual world) on Compassion and Joy the neuroscience of recovery. It was great, so thought provoking and informative. I wish my whole team and the wider School could have seen it. I hope that my cascading will do it full justice. (I will also strongly suggest you for wider training opportunities).  You delivered  some great training for us at the Preschool in August, and was a great way to start the year!

Clare Elliot

Hello Ben,

Thank you so much for the training. It was inspiring and insightful.

Kind regards Philippa Evans

Hi Ben

Thank you for the training this morning, interesting and thought provoking. Can tell you are passionate about the topic which always makes for good training I reckon.

Kind regards

Early Years Service Officer - Early Years Alliance

Dear Ben,

Thank you so much for this inspirational talk! I have enjoyed every part of it and I am looking forward to attending more webinars/courses! Please continue to advocate children's right to play and to be positive role model to teachers, therapists and parents.

With kind regards from Croatia,

Barbara Vlase Roman

Dear Ben

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent, engaging, & inspiring talk yesterday with the Festival of Early Years. It’s was a timely reminder of many important issues and definitely feeds into play spaces & even family gardens I create. Thanks again,

Sally Bower CMLI           Landscape Architect

Absolutely fascinating and important work.

Thank you!

Sue Mannering-Thorne

EYFS Quality Development Lead - London Borough of Camden

Hello there,

I have just completed your video training course on Eventbrite. Can I just say it was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the training.

Katie Potter - Lincolnshire

Thank you so much, that was wonderful, you had us laughing and crying. I hope we can work together again:)

Megan McPhee - Professional Learning Coordinator

The Early Childhood Development Association Prince Edward Island, Canada

I've recently completed your Feeling Safe in an Unsafe world training and I have to say it was amazing, as a mother of 6 I wish we all could be given some sort of training like this as a new parent, it really opened my eyes and made me look at my own children and what they are going through in a different way. I'm halfway through the positive behaviour training as well, just brilliant.

Sarah Simmons-Goldsworthy - Warwickshire Early Years Teaching School

Thank you so much for your fabulous training back in August. I can't remember ever having such positive feedback from staff on a course or when training has caused such an excited buzz.

Fiona  Keast – Sacred Heart Catholic Academy, Loughborough

Your professional insight and knowledge has really been inspiring, insightful and has enabled me to be the best Inspiring adult I can be when working with my young people.

Your approach and general sense of humour and fun has made you engaging and educational in equal measure, and I know I will be using your games in my general practice.

Ben Marshall Learning Support Assistant at Dorothy Goodman School

Dear Ben,

I’m a teacher in a Primary School near Warwick and have watched your recent training course over the last few weeks.  I found it really helpful and relevant.

In September, I’m taking on a new role - part-time Year 6 teacher (after a twenty year career break and two years re-training), and would love to build up the children’s confidence and have some fun doing Superhero themed activities.  

I wonder if you would mind pointing me in the right direction for some Superhero games and activities?  

With best wishes and huge thanks for your inspirational training.

Rosie Brown

Hi Ben

Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed your training videos. You managed to make it really engaging and the bitesize videos worked really well. I must say, I reflected on my time as a primary school teacher and wished I’d had this training while I was still in the profession!

So thanks for all your hard work in switching mediums, and when it’s possible we’d love to have you here in the flesh. All the best

Hannah Stopford
Project Officer for Children and Young People

Frome Town Council

Hiya Ben, I have just enjoyed working through 'Feeling safe in an unsafe World'. I wish every parent could have access to this before the children start in our Early Years Centre!!! Inspiring! Thank you for a very relevant and enlightening course. It is really good to understand the science behind it and the affirmation that we are doing the right thing. Best wishes for a good weekend, Serga Collett

Hi Ben,

Wanted to say thanks for providing the online behaviour training, it was very interesting not only from an educational point of view but also as a parent of a boisterous 3 year old boy. Have to say it's really helped me understand him better and approaching his behaviour has been so much easier!!! Really has made such a difference in our house 😊

Many Thanks 

Clare Holmes

Dear Ben,

I'm a trainee teacher at MKITT who has just completed your online training on Positive Adults, Positive Children and would like to say a BIG thank you! Your modules and resources have been fab and you are a real inspiration. I hope to follow in your footsteps as I progress in my career working with children.

Natalie Carter – Milton Keynes Initial Teacher Training

Ben’s ‘Positive Adults, Positive Children, Positive Behaviour’ video course is a fantastic eye-opener into the instincts and natural urges that children have, that cause what some would deem to be “bad behaviour”. His advice is easy to follow and makes complete sense! I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to be proactive in behaviour management by creating an emotionally safe learning environment.

Elysia Stears – Milton Keynes Initial Teacher Training

By the way - the video’s are very inspiring and explains a lot of areas that we as a group need to introduce into our practice, so thank you for that. During these times I think it is important to keep the staff motivated.  

Janet Kerry, The Ark Nottingham -

Our setting have just attended a loose parts and active maths course, hosted by Ben. It was fantastic!!! Never before have I spent a Saturday afternoon dressed as a superhero explorer (complete with cape and mask) sat in a cardboard box spaceship with three other colleagues, flying to the Amazon rainforest 😁😁

Lisa Wesley via Facebook

I recently attended a fantastic workshop about effective communication in the Early Years at Margaret Wix School, St Albans. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the man who delivered it but he was fantastic! I was so inspired and engaged I would love to try to organise a session for our school.

S Knight, High Beeches Primary School

Dear Ben,

On behalf of my wife and I wanted to say a huge thank you for your words today at the start of Coram's Activity Day. As it was our first time at such an event we shared considerable trepidation, however the warmth of welcome by all involved in particular your words regarding play really helped.

As such back home in the quiet and calm of our house we wanted to say a heartfelt thanks.

Warm regards,


I wanted to say how much my colleagues and myself enjoyed your interactive day and it has given us all some good ideas for activities to adapt for our own future classrooms and also how to identify ‘play cues’ gone wrong.

Thanks again

Rachel Montgomery (Student Teacher)

Thank you so much for your training.

We continue to make a huge difference to children who are struggling with things in their lives, thanks to you!

Angie Dean – Manager, Upwood Small to Tall

I questioned my judgement for signing up to a conference on a Saturday after such a busy week at school but my goodness I am so glad I did.  Your seminar blew me away.  To sit and listen to someone as passionate about the benefits of play as I am was wonderful and I was truly inspired by the important work that you do with vulnerable children. I have bored everyone senseless about what I learnt in your session and after reading your article on homework I am now currently battling the senior leadership team about our school's hefty weekend homework policy.

Thank you again, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you.

Tracy Escreet – Delegate at Northern Learning Conference, York Jan 2020

Hi Ben.

We received 100% positive feedback from all attendees! Thank you for the montage video, a great reminder of the wonderful session we shared.

I have no doubt we will be in  contact again in the future, thank you once again.

Karen Bland – Rutland County Council  

Hi Ben,

I attended your course today and it was the best training I’ve ever had! I’ve come away with so many ideas and techniques so would like to say thank you!

Kirsty barrow (the Ark Oakham)

May I just say that I thought it was an absolutely inspirational session and I know the feedback I was getting said the same. I’ll definitely be in touch re future plans and hope we can do more together.

Thank you.

Lisa Pinkerton – Deputy Head Teacher and Acting SENCo Bridgetown Primary School

The staff are still raving about the INSET day, saying it was the best training they have ever been on and I would agree.

Kate Bargh, Executive Headteacher, North Star Federation

Hi Ben,

Feedback for you is amazing!! Will let you have a copy when we have collated it

Sue Otter, Lead Early Years Consultant (Professional Development) Lincolnshire County Council

Good Morning Ben,

Thank you for the training on Saturday everybody who attended has been raving about it and the photos and video have been very well received.

Sally Goodwin, Professional Development Officer, Peterborough City Council

Hi Ben, I asked my team for feedback on the Brilliant Boys conference, thought you might like to see their responses regarding your keynote:

'Ben-Kingston-Hughes was very inspirational'

'Ben Kingston Hughes was excellent – really inspirational speaker and passionate about improving outcomes for children'

'Really enjoyable day. Was good to listen to some insightful speakers particularly Ben Kingston – I thought he was very informative'

'Key-note speeches were interesting; especially Ben Kingston-Hughes’

'The speakers were really interesting, especially Ben with his links to scientific research etc.'

Lee Peckover – Classroom Secrets


I recently attended the Play Conference delivered in Cambridge and I was just so inspired by Ben Kingston-Hughes. It was such an eye opening experience!!

Flor Rodrigo Fidalgo, WASPS Manager

Good afternoon Diana

Well what can I say but wow! I came to the “An Inspector Calls” Ofsted training you delivered on Wednesday in Lincoln and all I can say is thank you. My brain was frazzled when I came out but in a good way. It’s been a long time since I have been inspired this much from the training I've attended, and in over 20 years in childcare I have attended many training events!

Sally Milford – Manager, The Home Nursery

Hello Ben,

Just wanted to convey our thanks and appreciation to you for your input into the annual room leaders network.  The comments on the evaluation forms illustrate how beneficial the practitioners found your session.  

Hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Sue Crighton - Early Years Support Worker, Nottingham City Council

Dear Ben,


I have been meaning to write to thank you for the session. The staff were buzzing afterwards, and so were the parents. I have received some lovely feedback, so many thanks.

Claire May, Headteacher,  

Longwood School and Nursery, Herts

I attended the ‘Creative Play’  lecture on Thursday evening and thought it was absolutely excellent.  

I certainly took a lot away from the session content in terms of my own parenting.  I also enjoyed the opportunity to share the evening with the School teaching staff that spend so much time with xxx.  It was great to see their enthusiasm which seemed to be a reflection of the culture within the school generally.  I also think that joint sessions such as this are a great way to extend child development from the classroom into the home providing a much more joined up and comprehensive learning journey.

Ps I especially enjoyed being a fire-breathing super hero (who knew 😂😂).

Parent at Parent and Staff Event – Longwood School and Nursery, Herts

Thank you again so much for Friday, it was brilliant and we all loved every minute!

Louise Long, Headteacher - Ibstone CE School

I just wanted to say huge thank you from my whole team for Friday’s training day. Never have they been so enthused, so I am excited to see some of the new ideas and enthusiasm play out in our settings.

Ruthie Pocock, BA Hons, PGCE, EYPS

Principal, Little Oaks Nursery Schools

Dear Ben

Thank you for the certificates and photos the team had a wonderful inspiring day with a lot of laughs along the way.

Melanie Gobey, Business Manager

Early Bird Pre-School CIC

Hi Ben,

Thank you so much for the training sessions last week - it was an absolutely fantastic day and was enjoyed by everyone present.  We particularly want to thank you for being so willing and enthusiastic about training such a large group at once - sorry if we broke your voice!

Many thanks again and we will be in touch - maybe about Maths!

Rachel Roberts - Learning Community 2 Administrator

'A great day and a brilliant start to the year. Such important content and inspiring delivery from someone who speaks from the heart and from years of hands-on experience.'

Sarah Laundy - Headteacher, Southcott Primary

I would just like to email to say a huge Thank you for the training you provided on Saturday. The staff have all come away with so many ideas and you have inspired them all to be more passionate practitioners. I can not wait to go into the settings to see how they will put the information into practice.

It really did open eyes and make you think about how we do things and what we can do better. It was also lovely to see how engaged they all were during the training as after attending many training sessions during my time working in early years sometimes they can be very dull and lots of people end up talking between themselves but this did not happen.

Hayley Gamblin – Area Manager, Heath Farm Day Nursery.

Diana was great and training was really useful. The team were all talking about it the next day.....!

Vicki Grieg – Royal Masonic School, Herts

Thank you so much for today’s training, you provided lots of fascinating information and a huge amount of food for thought. I’ll definitely continue to improve my practice with your advice.

Tom Sharpe – Delegate from LC2 Conference

Just a quick thank you Ben, you were awesome - just as I knew you would be. I shall be in touch re a session for our parents.

Don't work too hard :-)

Angie Dean - Teacher/Manager - Upwood Small to Tall

Dear Ben

Absolutely brilliant! Love the montage. The team were all hyper on our staff what's app group on Friday. So inspired!

Thank you so much just what they needed! You are an inspiration and your training is just incredible.

Stephanie Bennet – Love 2 Learn, Leicester.

Thank you Ben, it was great to be a part of such a wonderful training day. You are absolutely phenomenal at what you do! It was a real epiphany moment, several in fact and I feel as if I have brought so much away with me! Thank you again,

Kate Messiah, Love 2 Learn Leicester.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing training today. I cannot wait to get back in my setting with a shiny new attitude and a deeper understanding of children’s play.

I can absolutely see why you are so well spoken of and why you have won awards.

I’m so looking forward to you visiting our setting in August.

Never too old to learn (me, not you)!

Thank you, so inspiring 😊

Angie Dean - Manager - Upwoods Small to Tall, Cambridgeshire

Hi Ben

Just a quick email to say that I spoke with Rachel Gillett (Co-lead of the teaching school and HT of two of the nursery schools) and she fed back to me that some of her staff had attended your training last week and were enthused by it!  She said that they came back talking very highly of it, they really got a lot out of it and were excited about applying what they had learnt.  The feedback was excellent and there was quite a buzz.  All are keen to go to more!

All the best

Michelle Hutton

Teaching School Coordinator

Warwickshire Teaching School Alliance

Hi Ben

Many thanks for Friday - you really were inspirational. The feedback at work on Monday was really positive, with staff raring to go (which does not usually happen at this time of year.)

Sara George, HeadTeacher Stonebroom Primary School

Hello Ben,

Thank you so much for today’s session for Family Action in Peterborough. Our pre- school staff who were able to attend came out buzzing with enthusiasm and ideas for ways in which they can all be super heroes and help the small children in our care and to offer the essential support to help counteract the work of monsters!

Karen Woodcock, Early Years Manager, Family Action Children and Family Centre, Hampton Hargate,

Hi Ben, great to meet you and be at the training today. I’ve come away feeling inspired and lots of thoughts on how I can change the things I do.

Best wishes

Jenny Shipman

This has blown my mind! Everything makes sense! So interesting.

Daryl Lockley – Cheshire East Council

Dear Ben,

I would like to thank you for your excellent contribution to our Annual Education Conference last Thursday 2 May. Your presentation was extremely well received and added so much to the day. The feedback we have had has been very positive and I think we can safely say that the conference was a success.  I found your presentation inspirational!

Your presentation had a real impact on the delegates present, who can now share it with their colleagues and use the knowledge and information from the day to support the young people in their care.

Felicity Evans – Virtual School Head Hertfordshire

What Went Well?

• This course was fun and very interesting  

• A brilliant and enthusiastic, knowledgeable, experienced practitioner who is realistic and inspirational when it comes to Early learning, experiences and early years education

• Lots of information and background to why outside play is important. Hands on activities  

• Great reflection of why it is so important to get children outside. Challenged thinking. Lots of ideas and theory

• Practical ideas for outdoor leaning. How important outdoor learning is

• Everything  

Learners from Urban Forest Training – Milton Keynes

Thank you again for running our recent INSET day. The session completely exceeded my expectations, with the staff both highly engaged in the activities and deeply receptive to the rationales underpinning the importance of play. The very next day we had one class out den building and other having a superhero day! It was, without a doubt, one of the most popular and inspirational training session we have held for a long time

Leigh Aitken, Assistant Head – Springcommon School Cambridge

“Superheroes vs Cardboard Monsters was fun and interactive. It was absolutely amazing and super inspiring!”

“I loved making a giant robot! The session was well presented and very enjoyable. There was lots of food for thought. It was so relevant for our pupils.”

“I felt I got to understand more about the children we are working with.”

“I loved learning about the different parts of the brain and how it works, and how important play is for children.”

“I will think more about the reasons behind behaviours.”

“I will have more fun and be more silly.”

“I will be more silly, interact more, play with the children and follow what they want to do.”

“Ben was absolutely fabulous and I feel like I have learned a lot from him and feel inspired to be even better!”

“It made me reconsider why I do this job, and that the pupils are always at the centre of what we do, for so many reasons.”

“Ben was an inspiration.”

Best training ever! My staff still talk about it. Pam Cave

I came to one of your sessions at Cressex Day Nursery in High Wycombe recently and found your training utterly inspiring. It really opened my eyes and as a fairly new parent I found it really engaging and relevant.

Amy Louise Taylor – Cressex Day Nursery

The training was fantastic, our staff thoroughly enjoyed it and were talking about it all lunchtime and telling others in school too. Two of our LTS have spent this morning sorting out our playground equipment shed and have made a list of resources they would like. They have also begun to think about developing different areas of the playground area. They have all commented on the fact that it has made them think about the children's behaviour in a totally different way; so thank you!

I will certainly be recommending the training to other schools and will also be looking through your directory for other CPD opportunities for us.

Beck Preece

Deputy Head/SENCo Woodfield Infant School, Shrewsbury

This morning I went on a ' working with babies ' course and was inspired by it - we all know how boring courses can be at times but this one was great! I revisited how important my role is in caring for children and have come away with some great ideas to enhance play - I had fun making play spaces too. Thankyou inspired children for some enjoyable learning.

Sarah Marsland - Butterflies Childminding (Facebook Post)

Just wanted to drop a quick email to say THANK YOU ever so much for your uplifting, inspirational input throughout the day. You were amazing. I have only managed a quick skim through the evaluations and they are really positive – delegates really took a lot from your sessions so a huge thank you once again.

Lucky Khera - Lead Early Years Adviser, Herts for Learning Ltd

Hi Ben,

Saturday was fantastic, the parents and staff really enjoyed it. The pictures and montage really showcase the event.

Claire – Cressex Day Nursery

Thanks very much for that Ben. We had lots of great feedback. We hope to have you back again for more.

Caroline Garvey – Mapledown School

“The best training session I’ve been on in 15 years and I am Maths phobic. I highly recommend this to anyone! The neuroscience is fascinating. Loved it!

Melissa Pearson – Active Maths Training Warwickshire

“Absolutely brilliant! Loved physically joining in and will take lots back to the setting.”

Paige Wilson – Active Maths Training Warwickshire

“I think everyone should be trained by Inspired Children – The world would be a happier place. Thank you!

G Roberts – Little Chalfont Primary School

“Brilliant! Really great training and very thought provoking.”

Hannah Grace – Buckinghamshire Pre-school Playgroup

Thanks Ben for delivering an inspirational keynote and workshop for our childminder pop up event.  The childminders thoroughly enjoyed the event, and hopefully it gave them food for thought in regards to ‘school readiness’.

Kerry Geever – Leicestershire County Council

The team thought the session was brilliantly delivered and we were able to measure positive outcomes for every one of our Club Members, which couldn’t have been a better result.  Thank you so much to your excellent team.

Jessica Buckley , Inclusion Manager – Menphys Leicestershire

Thank you so much for the training, once again it was amazing.

Lisa Wills – Nursery Manager – Next Steps

I am just writing to thank you for your lecture today, I found it incredibly interesting. I agree with the points you made and could feel myself having those little light bulb moments.

The information you gave us about play deprivation and neuroscience fascinated me and is something I will definitely be looking into further.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being a breath of fresh air in a very stressful, and at times frustrating, career.

Kayte Denscombe – ITT Trainee Teacher - Northamptonshire

What did attendees like most about the day?

Ben Kingston-Hughes amazing, touching, totally absorbed, connected.

Brilliant event as usual, fantastic speakers, workshop was fantastic with Ben

Absolutely brilliant.

The information received from keynotes was invaluable. The deliverance from speakers was exceptional and entertaining.

Really good fun and interesting event.

Ben – absolutely wonderful could listen for hours and reinforced how important & crucial our roles are.

My workshop with Ben was very interactive which I really enjoyed – very positive experience.

Keynote speakers – enthusiasm, workshop- hands on.

It was inspiring – a lot of ideas to take away & use in practice (I’m a reception teacher). A great reminder of why we do what we do, our moral purpose, which made it so inspirational! Keynotes were of an extremely high standard, as was the workshop – just brilliant!

Both speakers were inspiring. Lots to cascade to my staff team. Made me re-evaluate aspects of our setting.

Ben – very funny and enjoyable.

Ben Kingston-Hughes – very, very good! He gave us lots of good ideas for play. Lots of fun.

The superhero workshop!

Information from the key speakers

Hertfordshire Pre-School Learning Alliance (Keynote and Workshops)

I attended the Preschool Learning Alliance conference on the 13th October, and saw you speak, and came to your workshop.

I wanted to thank you, for the photos and video you shared but also, to extend my thanks for your inspirational workshop and talk. It's the first time I have been to a conference, as I opened my setting in January this year, but both I, and my deputy manager, who I bought along, really got a lot from the day, so thank you very much. We'll continue to promote a play based approach, now with some new ideas too.

Kind Regards,

Kristie Chesters – Manager, Faraway Tree Nursery

“How completely refreshing – not what I expected at all. I have learnt more on this course than any other I have ever attended and I feel valued and proud to be a baby room leader!”

Hope Manson – Room leader, Buckinghamshire

Thank you so much, Ben. The feedback was brilliant – they loved you!!! Thought you were really inspiring!!

Helen Jones - Hertfordshire Pre-school Learning Alliance

What a fabulous talk from Ben Kingston-Hughes on Saturday. Thank you so much Ben, I left Hatfield feeling inspired...and having lived there, that's not a phrase I ever thought I'd say! It is always my priority to make sure I do my best to help the next generation of kids coming through preschool. I now feel better prepared to do this than ever 🙂

Emma Brough – Herts PSLA

Myself and the team attended The Pre-School Learning Alliance conference on Saturday. We were all very inspired by you, so thank you!! We would love to book you for some in house team training,

Natasha Elliott, Director - Setting Leader, Early Bird Pre-School CIC

I would also like to take this opportunity to say since I first met with you I was very inspired and at any opportunity I would express so to any body working with children, and others that would listen!! As you know I have since opened up my own afterschool club and I wanted to share that its ethos that I wanted was planted from various conversations, training and overall inspiration that I got from you. I fully believe in the benefits and importance of play and advocate this where ever I can. Thank you for continually sharing your passion and experiences and learning with us all.

Tracey Brown - Little Apples Afterschool Club

Thank you Ben, it was a privilege to have you here with us. SO much brilliant feedback for your session – I will be in touch to book some more.

Kristian Hewitt, Headteacher - The Mary Bassett Lower School

Once again thanks for a brilliant INSET. Great team building as well as much food for thought.

Lucy Thorpe, Deputy Head (Academic) Nottingham High Infant and Junior School

Thank you so much for the inspiring training session last Friday. Feedback has been very good!

Janice Macdonald, Service Administrator, Pre-School Learning Alliance

I just wanted to say how amazing I found your training the other day in Lincoln,

I came away feeling really inspired and I have had loads of ideas for my own work, so I guess I just wanted to say thank you and that you’re doing an amazing job 

Sayde Lea – Lincolnshire Pre-School Alliance Member

I wanted to take the opportunity to say what a great time we had in your seminar/workshop and how refreshing it was to hear your ideas.

Already planning some changes to my lesson delivery for Monday morning.

I found it truly inspirational.

Andy Baines – Teacher, Tibshelf Community School

Thank you so much for your keynote and workshops yesterday.

Delegates were all so positive about the day, so thank you for enabling those comments.

Melanie Mercer  - Head Teacher Aspley Guise School

As a teacher, I am totally inspired after this morning’s session to provide more opportunity for child initiated play within my reception class.

Vibha Mistry – Reception Class Teacher – Leicestershire.

Many thanks for a wonderful day.

Objective achieved!

Melanie Mercer – Head Teacher Aspley Guise School

Thank you for this, you really inspired the team, they haven't stopped talking about it and our hero masks arrived today.  

I will be in touch in the new year regarding additional training and I've shared your details with several colleagues and sung your praises.

Joanna New, Head Teacher Flitwick Lower School

Thank you again for a wonderful training session on Saturday. The staff are buzzing about it.  We held a parents evening on Tuesday and played the video montage for the parents to see, we had several parents ask us about it. I have also been watching my pre-school team playing the river game this morning with their children, and the 2-3's group have made a den in their garden.

Claire Campbell, Nursery Manager – Child First Ayelsbury

Thanks again for your inspirational keynote session. Having looked on the Inspired Children website I feel that you would have been a worthy winner for the Nursery World Trainer of the year award!

Sue Gascoyne www.playtoz.co.uk

Thank you Ben.

It was a truly inspiring season and the trainees will remember you messages for a long time I’m sure!

Heidi Mallif - Primary and Special ITT Programme Manager FWTSA

THANKYOU for an absolutely "inspired adult" moment at the vulnerable children training session at  the LCC Brite centre on Wednesday...i literally haven’t stopped chewing peoples ears off waffling on about the information and examples you gave...truly cemented everything i ever aspired to promote within my work with children...loved it and look forward to organising more training  for our setting!

Nikki Chippendale – Manager Playdays Academy

Thank you so much for running the Playful Science course for us at the Golf Club this morning.  The feedback was all fantastic - I have attached the summary for you.

Rachel Roberts Learning Community 2 Administrator

Thank you for delivering such a fabulous training session on Saturday. The parents and staff thoroughly enjoyed it! We are already looking forward to the out of school club play project in the summer.

Bev – Manager Beaver Childcare Leicestershire

Hi Ben

I wanted to thank you for the training yesterday. I was very inspired and learnt so much about brain development and risky play.

I loved the Dynamic risk assessment-could you please send me an electronic copy?

Many thanks

Shelley Petta (Doncaster)

Good Morning Ben,

Thank you for the workshop last night it was brilliant, so much information and understanding.

I'm on a Pre-school committee, and was wondering if you would be able to do a similar workshop to last night for our Team and parents.

Look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

Eli Lowe (Leicestershire)

Dear Ben,

Firstly let me say thank you for the wonderful conference on Neuroscience and Play which I attended yesterday. The theory and the experiential components have given me a strong impetus to pursue this further. Even though i work primarily as a psychotherapist/dramatherapist/trainer with adults in my clinical work, my “other job” as a storyteller will benefit as well from your input. With this in mind I wonder if you could send me the article or link to the research paper you mentioned on the neuroscience of imagination. I am keen to underpin the performance and training elements with sound clinical information/skill development.

You also mentioned some training in Play Champions. I wonder where I might find information on this and the criteria for application?

I am keen to explore how I might develop links into the world you have created.

With many thanks again


George Bassett (Derbyshire)

I cannot put into words how amazing the training that you delivered on Friday was, my team were most definitely inspired and I felt that we came together as a team! One member of staff who was apprehensive about the training told me that she loved the way that you demonstrated the way in which characteristics of effective learning can be embedded further! (I never thought I would see her dressed as a superhero!) I cannot wait to see the photographs!!!

Thank you once again, and I hope this is not the last we see of you!!!

Natalie Smyth, EYFS Lead – West Grantham Academy – St Johns

Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for running the sessions for us last week.  We have had some verbal feedback from the Southcott staff, from both sessions - they all said that your training was fantastic, very useful and very relevant.  Sam Clark, who is our Child and Family Support Worker, said that it was brilliant and used some of your tips and strategies with the next child that she saw.

I will keep you updated with numbers for the next session.  Thanks again Ben and all the best,

Rachel Roberts - Learning Community 2 Administrator, Bedfordshire

Hi Ben,

Thank you again for another fab course today.  Could you please send me the link for the resources?

Kind regards 

Mandy Adcock 

Hi Ben,

Thank you for the photos/videos, they're fab! And more importantly thank you for such a good day, the staff all came away 'inspired' which was great. We'd love to have you back for a different topic next year!

Thanks again,

Becky – Manager Tiny Tots Nursery, Bolsover

Hi Ben,

I can honestly say that was one of the best training sessions I’ve ever had (including anything at uni). Everyone in the team absolutely loved it and it was a perfect way to end the year for the staff.

Pete Corkhill, Registered Manager, Crocus Fields, Nottingham

Morning Ben,

Thank you for the amazing training you delivered to the staff team on Monday and Tuesday, everyone has thoroughly enjoyed it.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards

Sara Williams - Nursery Manager, Small People Nursery

It was fabulous. Thank you so much for finding it for us. It was perfect. Everyone had such an amazing day. We have all enjoyed teaching so much more since this. It is like we've had therapy!! I've emailed Ben to find out costings for a possible INSET day. 

Thanks again

Katie Dickson – Our Lady’s Academy, Bullwell

"Brilliant inspiring content and presentation. 3hrs flew by………"

Gill Maloney - Our Lady's Academy, Bulwell

By the way, I'll just do a little bit of showing off here but will also thank you for the part that your courses have played in this - we were 'OFSTEDed' recently and were graded 'outstanding'. We waxed lyrical during the inspection about the importance of playwork in out-of-school clubs and about responding to play cues and fortunately we discovered we were preaching to the converted. Feel free to take a bow, though, because we wouldn't have been able to talk so meaningfully about the science of play if it hadn't been for your workshops. Thank you.

Jean Cameron - OurTime Children's Services

Hi Ben

Thank you so much we all had a fantastic experience, with many of us reflecting and reviewing our practice as a result of this session.  I have some super feedback, which once collated, I will forward on to you.  I also hope we can get you in, sometime in the future for another session.

Thank you for the photos!

Rachel McVeigh | Curriculum Leader Childcare and Education | Buxton and Leek College | Buxton

"Amazing Course. Thank you!"

Kelly Job - Booker Park School - Buckinghamshire

"Lots of new ideas. Greater understanding of this area of play and how children display certain types of play. One of the best courses I have been on!"

Kirstie Scott - St Mary's Preschool, Chesham.

"Ben's training methods were fun, interesting factual and so helpful! Anyone who can keep my attention for 6 hours must be doing something right! :) I want to do every single course! Thank you!"

Comment from Eval Form Bucks Learning Trust.

"Ben was very engaging. His enthusiasm shone through and was infectious. He has me inspired to be more adventurous in my imaginary play with the children."

Comment from Eval Form Bucks Learning Trust.


More feedback from a parent after last night:

“The trainer just opened our eyes and now lots of things are much more clear. He confirmed lots of things for us, so we feel more confident. Loved that he has lots of examples not only theory and he provided different information from researches completed in UK and over the world. Me and my husband will be more aware regarding play queues and how 10 or 20min of silly play can have a major impact on our son’s future development. I think he gave us a power of awareness and now it's only up to us how we going to use it.”

Thanks so much!


Manager - Nurture Me Day Nursery

Feedback summary from SSBC(click to view)

Feedback summary from Buckinghamshire Learning Trust.(Click to view)

Thank you Ben for a wonderful night – you have a magic touch – they all loved it so much. 

My very best and appreciative wishes



Lorraine Wallis
Research and Development Worker – Coram East Midlands

Hi Ben

Thanks for last week it was such a mind opener and we have done nothing but talk about our childhood experiences since then.

We would definitely like to do a September training on Mindfulness?? 

Thanks again.

Becky Pike
Partner Hollies Day Nurseries LLP

Hi Ben

I just wanted to feedback to you reference our re-inspection of the Mulberry Bush setting by Ofsted. To cut a long story short we did really well - Good overall. The only reason we could not get outstanding was due to out outdoor provision not being sufficient to stretch to more able children.

On behalf of the team I would like to say a huge thanks to you. Your words of wisdom to my staff team really made a difference and boosted a staff team losing their confidence.

You are an inspiration to all, so please keep doing what you are doing.

Good luck for your future.

Georgie Brock, Mulberry Bush. Uffington/Stamford

Hi Ben

We were inspected last week and received outstanding at our Sherwood nursery!! Your training was mentioned by parents over and over and it is mentioned in the actual report! Please see this attached - thank you so much for doing this for us and please share this with as many people as you like!!

Will need a refresher training on this in the autumn term what Saturdays do you have free??

Thanks again!!

Becky Pike - Partner

Hollies Day Nurseries LLP

Hi Ben

It was a great session and the feedback was excellent. I’m going to go through your training directory and then hopefully I can get you booked in for more sessions next academic year.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you for Boisterous Play training soon!

Sarah Armitage – Milton Keynes Teaching School Alliance

Hi Ben,

Attended your session in Lutterworth last night and thought it was very thought provoking. You clearly know your stuff and presented the content extremely well. It will undoubtedly help to make me a better father, step father and probably better person in general. I work in learning and development with adults and there were some ideas that will help in that environment too. Keep doing what you are doing and thanks again.


James Dufty

Dear Ben, 

I do hope you are feeling better today? You did an absolutely marvellous job because nobody realised you were not feeling well. What fabulous feedback I have received about the session. I know that it has really made the trainees think carefully about their attitude and response to certain behaviours. They were highly motivated by the practical nature of the session but also the link between practice and theory.  

Thank you so much, 


Catherine Capell (School Direct Lead) Fairfields Teaching School Alliance

The tutor was truly amazing! He brought joy, laughter and so much confidence. Truly unique – Thank you!

Lucy Gillett - Buckinghamshire

Hi Ben,

I went on your training today and just wanted to thank you for such an amazing course you led! It is genuinely the most inspiring training I have done and was definitely worth the Saturday sacrifice! Thank you so much! If you are doing any more courses around the Derbyshire area let me know because I'd love to come along to some different ones! I absolutely love the fact your course involved learning about the actual neurological development, I've always been interested in that but never had the opportunity to learn about it! It's made me want to learn so much more!

Thank you again!

Christina (Tina) Hurdman – Early Years Professional -Derbyshire

Hi Ben,

I very much enjoyed the course you ran on advanced EYFS on Saturday 11th March at the Kings centre, Wigston it was fantastic.

It is great to feel that you can make a difference in a child’s life and you really made me feel I am, I love my job and to have fresh ideas and more enthusiasm was just brilliant.

I was hoping you could send me through the notes and a certificate please.

I will look out for your next course as you are an inspirational trainer

Thank you


Claire (Childminder Leicestershire)

Hi Ben 

Sam Robertson here. I attended your playful brains training at Delapre on 25.1.17.

Just wanted to say thank you for providing such a fantastic opportunity it was extremely informative and I feel like I have learnt so much.

You have great passion in what you do and it was very refreshing to see. 

Thanks again


Hi Ben

Really loved this mornings training, so thanks very much! As discussed earlier, would you please forward me a copy of the blanket letter that was sent to parents regarding bumps and grazes etc...

Kind regards

Jo Currell – Teaching Assistant Northampton.

Hello Ben

Have had 5 different T.A's come and tell me how fantastic your training was at the conference last Tuesday. And I quote 'OMG it makes so much bloody sense!', 'Can we vote him in as Prime Minister?' and 'For the first time in years I am actually looking forward to the kids coming back to school so I can start making changes and see what happens.'. There you go. You are epic.

I want to say a HUGE thank you for all of the time, effort and energy you have put into the play champion course, and of course everything else you offer. If you could only see the ripple effect it is having on the teachers, T.A's,  parents you would be incredibly pleased. The children in this area are going to benefit so much from this.

Sally-Ann Price 

Hello Ben,

I would like to say a huge thank you for delivering a brilliant training session. The feedback from my staff and the two guest clubs who attended has been very, very positive and they all want more training from you. I would certainly like to plan a Part 2 for some time in May, so can you let me know what your availability is like around then?

Thank you for the photos. I’ll get back to you regarding the ones that we want in hi-resolution. There are some that may be best quietly forgotten in order to protect people’s dignity (mine especially)!

Once again, thank you for the excellent course. We hope to see you again next year. Have a Happy Christmas in the meantime.


Jean Cameron

OurTime Children’s Services

Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for your fantastic course in Barwell on Tuesday 15th November. Myself, (provider) and two members of my staff team attended and their practice has improved considerably since. We no longer have any end products - to name one huge improvement that I have been trying to explain for a while to them!

Two of my staff are attending your Observation, Planning and Assessment Course next term (I attended last Summer) and I'm sure that you will inspire them further!

Thank you

Sarah Teasdale –Manager, Thurcaston Preschool

Thanks for a super Mastery course on Tuesday. We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Many thanks

Clare – Early Years teacher, Nottingham


I attended your training today in Nottingham - thank you very much for a fantastic day!  It was wonderful to hear all about how we can be creative in the classroom and how this links to the Maths Mastery.  

Many thanks

Claire Sheldrick – Early Years Teacher, Nottingham

To Ben

Thank you so much for an enjoyable course. I have come out with some really good ideas and have started to use them at work.  The children especially enjoyed Fish Fingers (so did my daughter), Crocodile Crocodile and Splosh and Boing.   I am thinking of making some crocodiles out of egg boxes to go with the game.   

We are looking forward to sharing with the other staff what we have learnt at our staff meeting tomorrow. Maybe have a go at the different games. Even make an OASIS of FUN.

Can you please send me a copy of the presentation and if possible the courses you run and the next available dates.

Look forward to attending another course of yours.

Kind regards

Michelle Wolsey

Hi Ben,

I was at the conference on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed your workshop as well as your Keynote speech.  Exceedingly entertaining, informative and a breath of fresh air to most I have experienced in the past!

Could I ask you to email over your bullet points from the power point presentation on the importance of play.  We do sometimes struggle with 'parents' about the importance of play and plan to put a copy in each child's Learning Journey for the parents to read (hopefully)!!

I hope to have the pleasure of experiencing one of your workshops again in the future.

Kind regards,

Terry – Tiny Tots, Buckinghamshire

Hi Ben,

Sorry for the delay in sending you this. I wanted to give you some feedback from the training day that you did with our staff team at the end of August. The staff were extremely positive and loved being actively involved in the activities, the photos that you took really captured their enthusiasm. The feedback collated is in bullet point form but the information has been taken from the forms that we asked them to complete.

Many thanks again for such a brilliant training day!


Jo Whalen

Deputy Childcare Services Manager - University of Nottingham Day Nursery

Morning Ben

Hope you’re well?

I spoke to you last week after I’d been on your course in Grantham, I believe I’d interrupted your dinner, my apologies for that! I thoroughly enjoyed your course An Inspector Calls as prior to me attending I thought it was going to be heavy going and uninspiring……………..how wrong was I??!

Kindest Regards

Elizabeth Wigglesworth

Proprietor Little Cherubs Day Nursery

Hello Ben

Thank you so much the day was everything we hoped it would be and the girls were buzzing with enthusiasm on Monday.  We will be talking about maybe putting on a session for parents at some point and will be in touch about that when we know the direction we are going in.

Warmest best wishes

Tina McLachlan

Hi Katy

I attended both your SEF training and your observation and assessment planning training in Rutland. We all found the information you gave helpful, motivating and inspirational and for that I would like to thank both you and Ben. I would appreciate it if you could send me some templates for your planning in particular baby room planning.

Thank you

Kathryn Pullan   

Hello Ben, I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Sally and myself for the superb SEF training from yourself and Katy. The feedback from the session was extremely positive. I visited a setting today and the manager and her team were enthusiastically updating their SEF.

Thank you once again to both of you.

Kind regards


Karen Bland | Childcare and Children’s Centre Officer / Learning and Skills

Hi Ben first of all I just want to thank you for the fantastic workshop, that you did on Saturday in Syston . I had lost my inspiration, and now I feel as though I have found it again. 

Could I please have the insignificant injuries form for parents & also you mentioned about a certificate, if possible can I also have one of those . 


Charlotte Booth 

Good morning,

I would just like to say thank you for providing such a fantastic course!  The course was very informative, motivating and awe inspiring.  I am now in the process of writing up my notes I took, so along with your handouts I can relay the information back to my setting so we can put everything into practice.  The course left me wanting to delve deeper into the topics you covered as I found it so fascinating so am currently researching the links you gave us.

Thank you once again,

Sonia Blackhurst  (Caterpillar pre-school)

Hello Ben,

Hope you got home quickly this afternoon, sorry I didn't get to thank you again before I left . The training you delivered for us was so very unusual and magical. From where I was sitting I could see the reaction of our practitioners and they loved every moment. You have made a great difference   added positivity and demonstrated so well the benefits of being a 'a pint  half full practitioner ' and how it’s important to be a bit more dog. Thank you 😊
Shetha Haider - Early Years Training Manager Buckinghamshire Learning Trust

Hi Ben

Thank you again for being so inspirational and for helping to make our day so successful. The staff feedback has been great. I will forward your invoice to our school bursar.

Kind Regards

Sara Clarkson Fairfields School Northants

Thanks for an inspirational course today.

Many thanks,

Suzie Hefford - Frisby Pre-school

Hi Ben,

Wanted to say thanks for making what should have a been a long and dull training day interesting, fun and informative. It's easy to make talking about play and exploring exciting, but making observation and Assessment training interesting takes real skill. Thanks.

Sally Price


Thanks for an inspirational course today.

Many thanks,

Suzie Hefford Frisby Pre-school

Hi Ben

My name is Rosanna Taurasi and I attended the Observation Assessment and Planning Course on the 6 October 2015. The course was very interesting and fun. I hope to attend other courses in the future.

Kinds regard



Hi Ben,

Thank you for an excellent course last Tuesday.

Kind regards

Alison Blackery - First Steps Playgroup

Dear Ben

Firstly, thank you for a fabulous and "inspiring" training day yesterday....I didn't expect to enjoy a day training for assessment and planning! Could you possibly send me the zip file you were talking about with examples of different settings planning etc? Also if you could forward a certificate for me to print that would be very much appreciated. Once again, many thanks

Fiona Barber Nanpantan Nursery School

Hi I have been meaning to email for ages! I've done 2 courses recently with you and you send about emailing to receive a certificate. And also take the opportunity to say how great your courses are! I've done: Stepping into management- Melton I think it was 19th March Observation,assessment and planning- Blaby 14th April. Thank you

Elayne Smith St Marys pre-school

Dear Ben,

Re: Observation Assessment and Planning Course @ Blaby Hotel, 14.4.2015

I really enjoyed the day, there was just the right mix of information and fun. I found it really informative, thank you.

 Debra Mellin (Little Ducks Pre-School)


Hello there!

I came on your course on successful observation, assess & planning on 25/03/15 at the Kings Centre could you send me all the info you talked about that day please and a certificate.

Thank you, it was a fantastic course very inspirational.

Kind regards,

Claire Mason


Hi Ben

Thank you for a really informative day, a good mix of hands on stuff, hearing ideas and problems from other settings together with learning and not a yawn in sight! I would be grateful if you could email me your 'powerpoint' notes for the course, to enhance my notes - hopefully.

Again many thanks, it was a really useful day.

 Cathy Waine


Hi Ben,

The training was really enjoyed by my staff and we have already had a brown blanket turned into a flying carpet and trips to the seaside - brilliant thank-you.

See you in September,

Danusia Taylor, Manager Roots to Wings Nursery


Hi Ben

I was at the workshop on 16th and thoroughly enjoyed it and immediately realised how we (as parents) have misinterpreted our 3 year olds cues and behaviour. Just going back in time and remembering what playing was actually like for us as kids has literally changed the whole family dynamics and our we are consequently all much closer and happier. You have no idea what an impact those 4 hours have had on us and I could literally write a book listing hundreds of positive changes which have occurred since just by changing our perspective on his "behaviour". So on behalf of me, my husband, even my daughter is benefitting and my 3 year old son. Thank you!!


Hi I have been meaning to email for ages! I've done 2 courses recently with you and you send about emailing to receive a certificate. And also take the opportunity to say how great your courses are! I've done: Stepping into management- Melton I think it was 19th March Observation,assessment and planning- Blaby 14th April. Thank you

Elayne Smith St Marys pre-school


Hi Ben

It was such a privilege to meet with you & attend your training today, I enjoyed every minute of it....thank you!

Thanks again

Mel Rylatt (owner/manager of Play Days Nursery)

Hi Ben,  Thank you for a wonderful course yesterday, it has given us a lot of food for thought and many things to cascade back to our staff team!  

Thanks again,

Hannah Wright


Dear Ben,

Thank you for delivering a very interesting course on Thursday 21/5/15 for the Leicestershire NDNA Network. My staff member Kerry who attended said it was 'the best course she has attended since qualifying and that she felt she learnt plenty to improve her practice'.

Kind regards,

Siobhan McGrath (Nursery Manager)

Hi Ben,

I just wanted to thank you for running the course yesterday.  Everyone said it was the best course they had been on and put what they had learnt into practice that very lunch time, marvelling at how it actually worked! Our head, Karen McVea, was so pleased by the feedback and enthusiasm you seemed to have ignited in them that she said she would look to book the next part of the course for the next academic year.

I will be in touch in September.

Many thanks &Brgds Victoria Charlton Office Manager St. Joseph's Catholic Academy

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